Studio042: First to Display Montclairs Green Business Certification

Certified Montclair Green Businesses such as Studio042 are being honored at Pig and Prince for their efforts to maintain a green friendly environment.

Studio042 is the first Montclair Business to Display Montclairs Green Business Certification!

Gray Russell, Montclair Township’s Sustainability Officer congratulates Scott Kennedy, CEO of Studio042 as the first Montclair business to display the new Green Business decal. Studio042 is the first of the initial five businesses to earn and display the new Certified Montclair Green Business window decal. The Certification signifies that the business has completed extensive changes to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint. Improvements in energy use through high efficiency lighting, heating, manufacturing equipment and communications equipment. Green Certification also includes changes to where the employees work and how the employers work together. Studio042 has 50 percent of their employees working remotely coming into the office once or twice a year for a few hours.

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Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

“I’ll be honest, in that the drive for efficiency the motivating factor was financial, improving our bottom line has been our goal.” said Kennedy. “It’s been a constant work in progress that has paid great dividends.” Studio042 was able to cut its electricity bill by 50% saving $12,000.00 per year. “We have worked with a local electrical Contractor, Keith Ballentine who owns KB Electric over the past 20 years, Ballentine has been a huge help in helping us modernize over time”. Additionally Kennedy moved to a zero waste production process where 100% of their waste is recycled. “We literally canceled our garbage contract and now move 100% of our waste out to the recycling center at Gray Russell’s offices at the Department of Public Works on Wednesdays, that alone saved us $6,800.00 per year.” We are not through yet”, Kennedy added, “changing over to more efficient equipment, lighting and vehicles has a steep up front cost but the return on the investment pays off in the long run.”

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Photo courtesy of Gray Russell, Sustainability Officer at Township of Montclair.

On June 1 at 6 p.m. the Pig and Prince Restaurant hosted and honored five Certified Montclair Green Businesses for their efforts at making the world a better and cleaner  environment for all to enjoy.

Studio042 is located on 423 Bloomfield Ave. and they have an extensive recycling program featuring the elimination of their garbage collection. Their extensive efficiency program features LED lights, NEST electronic thermostats and they painted their roof silver to deflect light and reduce the heat gain. Their waste prevention program consists of employees bringing from home carry-out food containers. As the nation’s only Super Business Printer, they also use recycled-content paper. Studio042 has achieved a zero waste stream production process where 100% of their waste is recycled, zero goes to any landfill  Studio042 hires locally, including intern training and participating in community donations. Contact Scott Kennedy at 973-509-7591 or email at for any questions.

Mundo Vegan is located on 20 Church St. They serve healthy, vegan and organic foods using locally-sourced produce including CSAs. They have a good recycling program, use energy-efficient LED lights, practice a bike-friendly environment and use green cleaning products such as Seventh Generation. Contact Fanny Fuentes-Phalon at 973-744-5503 or email at for any questions.

“After going vegan seven years ago and learning how less animal products meant a cleaner world, cleaner body and less suffering by animals. It seemed like the natural decision to have a vegan business,” said Fanny Fuentes-Phalon, part Owner a Chef at Mundo Vegan. “Being green-friendly is a byproduct of being animal-friendly so it’s a win win for Earth for animal and for ourselves. [If] we recycle [and] compost everything we can and live an organic vegan lifestyle.”

Bare Burger is located on 480 Bloomfield Ave. They practice a good recycling program by utilizing recycled-content menus, placemats and picture frames throughout interior, reclaimed wood construction materials, including table-tops, flooring and bar. They use energy efficiency LED lights, Energy Star equipment such as hand dryers and sensors in restrooms. Bare Burger sells healthy foods, including free-range, antibiotic-, gluten- and hormone-free beef. Contact Onur Orhan at 973-509-2273 or email at for any questions.

Culture Couture is located on 53 Church St. and they “recycle everything.” They use energy efficiency (LED and fluorescent lights), sell upcycled and recycled-content products such as cotton, paper, bags as well as Fair Trade products.  They are a bike-friendly business and maintain live plants in the store. Culture Couture hires locally, including interns from Montclair State University and volunteers in the community for the BID and others. Contact Lisa Johnson at 973-655-9340 for any questions.

Investors Bank is located on 536 Bloomfield Ave. They are a bike-friendly business, use energy-efficient LED lighting and conserve water by utilizing low-flow toilets. Investors Bank donates to local community and provide workplace health programs for employees via gym memberships. Contact Alicia Robinson at 973-783-4201 or email at for any questions.

To become a designated a Certified Montclair Green Business, enroll in the NJ Sustainable Business Registry.

Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

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