Montclair Kimberley Academy Unveils Green Roof Project

Montclair Kimberly Academy celebrates Earth Day with a new Green Roof Project that will benefit our Earth for years to come.

MKA goes green with Green Roof Project.

mka green project
Photo courtesy of Montclair Kimberly Academy.

Montclair Kimberley Academy celebrates Earth Day in style this year. MKA will embark on a new project this April..

The Green Roof will feature stations that will aid student’s development through research experiments and a full garden area. It will also feature a weather station that collects data from around the globe. The WeatherBug station can track data and weather patterns around the world. On April 18, MKA will show the various ways the Green Roof will benefit students.

“Did you ever wonder how far away the closest lightning strike occurred? The Green Roof’s WeatherBug, part of a network of weather stations that spans the globe, has the answer!” said Lisa Miller.

MKA students will get to learn about sustainability and grow their world view through this project. The Green Roof is made of sedum and recycled glass, so it can hold and reuse rainwater.  Additionally, the roof will filter air to save energy and money on heating and cooling costs. The project will benefit MKA and the environment, connecting students with a network of weather stations and encouraging sustainability.

MKA encourages students to embrace a passionate and confident attitude. MKA helps students develop their potential in and out of the classroom through projects like Green Roof. The school gives all students access to global travel, as well as the opportunity to explore arts and athletics. MKA believes in providing an experience in addition to an education.

Ben Rich, U.S. Sustainability Coordinator, will be present at the event, along with M.S. Sustainability Coordinator Laura Zimmerman. Rich and Zimmerman worked for three years to bring the green roof from dream to reality.

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