Montclair Local News Celebrates Their Birthday

Join ‘The Montclair Dispatch’ in giving our fledgling, the weekly ‘Montclair Local News,’ a warm and hearty Montclair welcome.

‘Montclair Local News’ will initially be delivered to every Montclair mailbox.

montclair local news
Photo courtesy of Montclair Local News.

Montclair Local News officially started on Jan. 3, 2017. After two months of hard work, preparation and dedication, they will at last publish their first issue ever on March 2, 2017. Be sure to check in your mailbox for this new printed publication.

Montclair Local will join Suburban Essex Magazine and others that are sent to every mailing address in Montclair. The paper will cover a variety of topics affecting the Montclair area. Montclair Local News said it will “spark dialogue, objectively inform and build community in Montclair.” They said their paper will provide in-depth and high-quality coverage of the town.

“I think a local paper is a powerful instrument for helping increase awareness and engagement in a local community,” said Heeten Choxi, publisher of Montclair Local.

Choxi has been living in Montclair for three years with his wife and kids. Choxi and his wife have three kids, a six year old daughter and 20-month old twin boys. They started Montclair Local News together. This is a new adventure for them. Choxi works in technology and finance, and his wife is in childbirth education at Montclair B.A.B.Y. The couple thought that embarking on a paper together was a good undertaking that would have a positive impact on Montclair.

Choxi said that they want to keep everyone engaged and informed in town. They feel like it is important to give back to the community. Their editorial staff consists of people who previously worked for the North Jersey media group and some from The Montclair Times. Several team members live in Montclair or have worked on neighboring papers.

“Our goal is to have a positive impact on Montclair. It’s a great town. I think our mission combined with our team and editorial staff positions us well to do that,” Choxi added.

Montclair Dispatch looks forward to what Montclair Local News will bring to the community. We would like our fellow citizens to join us in subscribing to welcome Montclair Local because, as we all know, there is no better way to show support than through a subscription.

Contact Montclair Local at Visit their website and wish them a happy birthday at


*Editor’s Note 3-2-2017: A change to the second sentence, in the first paragraph now states that the Montclair Local News will publish their first issue to Thurs. Mar. 9, 2017 

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