Montclair March Mathness Is Empowering

Montclair March Mathness is a series of fun and challenge math and science related events that center around Pi day. There are events for all different age groups and span from children as young as kindergarten to even college students and care givers. The town of Montclair and the Athena Collaborative Group had piloted the event last year and it was successful. They hope that this year’s turn out will also prove to be just as satisfying.

Montclair March Mathness is engaging, challenging, and fun.

The Athena Collaborative Group is a non-profit organization that has been advocating for women take interests in fields pertaining to math and science. Even today these particular fields are man dominated. The

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Athena Collaborative Group goals are to inspire many young women to join these fields and prove that women also have an innovative edge. There is a strong commitment to keeping this an annual event, a tradition of advocacy.

There is a severe lack of women that are taking the initiative to be in this line of work. On a national average 74 percent of girls are interested in Engineering and Math careers, but only 25 percent of professionals are women.

The U.S. has a shortage of engineers and there are only 14% of them are female, which is leaving out a pool of potential. Founder of the Athena Collaborative Group, Christina DelliSanti-Miller has stated, “We need to address the stereotypes that say that math is more important for boys than for girls. K-12 girls need to be exposed to positive messages about math, science and engineering careers. The March Mathness Festival will give parents, teachers and the community the tools to begin to embrace and encourage new career possibilities for our daughters”.

There are still young women who feel discourages to stay in STEM careers because they are the minority. The event itself is strictly voluntary for all presenters that will be there. Montclair March Mathness will bring together not only boys and girls of all ages, but teachers, parents, administrators and STEM professionals.

On both the Montclair March Mathness and the Athena Collaborative Group home page there is a schedule of events. There are events ranging from robotic demonstrations, guest speakers, Pi Day pajama parties and more. All events are free; it’s as simple as registering online. The websites will have a list of all the events with a small description and a notification about the events availability.
Studio042 in Montclair proudly supports March Mathness and provides printed flyers as well as posters to help promote their organization.

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