Montclair: Who’s Who?

Get to know the Mayor and Council of the town of Montclair with this who’s-who guide to the important people who run this town.

Montclair is a beautiful town, but who runs it?

Mayor Robert D. Jackson has always been involved in the Montclair community, including being a Montclair Public Library Trustee, Montclair Kimberly Academy Board Member, Council on Affordable Housing Board Member, St. Paul Baptist Church Trustee and a Montclair United Soccer Team Manager. Recipient of the 2013 Thurgood Marshall Award from the Montclair Branch of the NAACP, Jackson is currently in his second term as mayor of Montclair.

His first term was from July 1, 1987 to July 1, 1988 and he was elected again in 2012. Jackson chairs the Board of School Estimate and received his Bachelors from Princeton University and Masters of Business from Harvard University.

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Deputy Mayor Robert J. Russo served as mayor for the town for four years upon his election in 2000. During his time as mayor, he was a member of the Planning and Library Boards and chaired the Board of School Estimate. He has also served as Council Liaison to the Senior Citizens, along with Youth, Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and Cable TV Advisory Committees. Russo’s involvement in the town includes the Montclair League of Women Voters, Blue Wave New Jersey, a member of the Essex Running club and the president of the Consumers League of New Jersey. Russo received his Bachelors and Masters degrees from Rutgers University. He was recognized in the New York Times for his effective constituent service response record.

Councilor-At-Large Rich McMahon is known for his efforts in creating the Yogi Berra Way memorial to the Edgewood Road and Edgewood Terrace intersection, as a tribute to the town’s local baseball legend. McMahon is the president of the Commonwealth Club, is a volunteer and the vice president of the town’s Volunteer Ambulance Unit and is a member of the town’s Celebrates Committee. He is also involved in the Mercier Club of Montclair, the Honor Guard of St. Patrick Trustee and the Ray Festa Memorial Foundation. McMahon received his Bachelors Degree from Boston College, and his Juris Doctorate Degree from Seton Hall Law.

The First Ward Councilor is William L. Hurlock, who graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree from American University and a Juris Doctorate Degree, cum laude from American. Hurlock is involved with the Capital Finance Committee, the Newark Presbytery Board of Trustees, and is on the YMCA of Montclair Board of Directors.

Second Ward Councilor Robin Schlager graduated from the University of Miami and is currently a representative of the Third River Joint Meeting Montclair Township. She is also involved with the town’s Celebrates Committee, the town’s Board of Education Revenue, and the Nishuane and Hillside School PTA’s.

The town’s Third Ward Councilor Sean M. Spiller received his Bachelors from Rutgers and his Masters from Ramapo. Spiller is involved with the town’s NAACP, the League of Women Voters and the town’s Public Library. The Fourth Ward Councilor of Montclair is Renee E. Baskerville, who received her Doctorate of Medicine from NJ College of Medicine and Dentistry. Baskerville is the town’s School Board Vice President, and a member of the planning Board, Board of School Estimate and Civil Rights Commission, amongst many others.

The involvement of the mayor and council of the town shows their dedication to this township and their strive to improve it to the best of their ability.

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