Montclair Write Group Sampler 2014

The Montclair Write Group is offering their annual sampler for 2014 online as a free download, giving access to various local literature.

Montclair Write Group offers annual publication.

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If you are interested in reading the works of local writers, be sure to check out the Montclair Write Group Sampler 2014. This is the perfect opportunity by the Montclair Write Group to hear new voices. According to the announcement, the Write Group is “proud and delighted to announce the availability of the Montclair Write Group Sampler 2014. It contains works by 33 Write Group members in categories such as essays, fiction, memoirs, poetry and plays.”

This sampler consists of nine fiction works, four essays, 11 memoirs, 11 poems and a play, giving everyone something to read that they will enjoy. Additionally, the Montclair Write Group Sampler is completely free and available for download/viewing online, making it accessible to everyone. It can be reached at this link ( and is also available to download in a number of formats such as .epub, .mobi and .pdf.

According to the sampler’s forward by Carl Selinger, “As The Write Group approaches its 16th anniversary, it’s fitting that we celebrate by publishing this collection of our members’ work. The idea first came from Dr. Margaret Brisco, a retired obstetrician and one of our founding members. Now a published writer herself, Margaret remarked at a recent Write Group meeting that we ought to publish an anthology of our writings.”

Additionally, the forward reminds the public that the Montclair Write Group holds about 30 free writing events every month and that most of the programs are held at the “graciously accommodating Montclair Public Library.”

The Montclair Write Group  is a support group for writers who believe that “if you write, you are a writer, whether published yet or not.” They meet at the Montclair Public Library on South Fullerton Avenue (unless otherwise advertised) and are open to new members. They can be reached by phone at (973) 953-0937.

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