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If you're looking for home remodeling or painting services in and around Montclair, look no further than Nazarian Painting and Home Remodeling.

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If you are looking for some original work for your home or space, look no further than Nazarian Painting and Home Remodeling. Of their many services offered, a few of the things that Nazarian Painting offers are interior exterior painting, plaster restoration, full service home remodeling including kitchens, bathrooms, additions, historical restoration and color consultation.

Typically, Nazarian Painting takes on clients located in Essex, Morris and Union counties as well as Manhattan. According to owner Shane Nazarian, Nazarian Painting may travel further depending on the scope of work so it’s always worth asking if they can service your home or space.

“I grew up in Montclair and love the architecture and detail oriented work I’m able to do here,” said Nazarian.

Nazarian has always had painting in his life. According to the Nazarian Painting website, “Nazarian has been painting since he was 11. He has taken what he learned growing up in his fathers contracting business (Better Painting and Contracting 1968-2009) and combined it with the latest advances in painting technique and green building to produce a truly unique product. He is a Montclair native and has a passion for the historical architecture and detail oriented style of painting that defines the town.”

“I have always enjoyed painting, seeing a drastic change occur as a work,” said Nazarian. “I don’t get as much time on site anymore but I am so thrilled with the level of work my team performs now.”

The company works with a team of about five people, including the carpenters. Although Nazarian might not always be on site, his entire team is extremely dedicated and has a wealth of experience, with most team members having at least 10 years of experience in the field.

One specific project that Nazarian is proud of was a bedroom restoration. “When I was first starting out I took a job restoring a bedroom that had its own sun room connected to it,” said Nazarian. “I took a few weeks and stripped 11 six over six windows and a set of French doors. I skimmed every wall three times and did some major plaster repair on the ceiling. It was extremely gratifying.”

Being a smaller company, Nazarian Painting and Home Remodeling strives to focus on each job with the same level of respect and detail that a larger company might have. “I aspire to be the most responsive contractor around and address every concern thoughtfully,” said Nazarian.

If you’re interested in experiencing the services offered by Nazarian Painting and Home Remodeling, be sure to visit their website at or reach them by phone at 862-371-6848.

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