New York Fashion Week 2015

New York Fashion Week 2015 brought some great new trends to try, which can be purchased after a trip to Anthropologie on Bloomfield Avenue.

Top 10 Trends From New York Fashion Week.

If you are like most fashion lovers, then this was probably a rough week for you.  You were likely eating popcorn in your bed while enviously scrolling through your Instagram feed.  With posts from celebrities, fashion bloggers and models, it was difficult to ignore that this past week was New York Fashion Week.  I know I couldn’t.

Models walk the runway during Bottega Veneta show as a part of Milan Fashion Week
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Just because most of us weren’t able to go, doesn’t mean we can’t still dress the part right?  The trends on this season’s runway were just as incredible as ever.  Here are ten that you can keep in mind when getting dressed this spring:

  • Feathers everywhere. Whether bold or subtle, feathers made a dramatic return to this season’s runway.  Some highlighted jacket sleeves with others were features around the waist.  Designers took inspiration from peacocks with deep blue and green feathers on some ensembles.  Others went a more neutral route with light wispy feathers covering beige fabric.  Want to try this at home?  Test the waters with some feathered cuffs, or go bold with an all feather skirt.
  • Fringe on fringe! Beaded tassels are the new black.  Think more resort chic and less Wild West.  Sport some beaded fringe on the bottom of a top this spring for a fashion forward wardrobe update.
  • Opaque is so last season. With warmer weather comes lighter clothes, but this year’s designers took it to a whole other level.  Spring’s styles have gone completely transparent.  To rock this trend without going completely overboard, try layers.  A layer of transparent fabric over an opaque one looks glamorous and fashionable.
  • Marco…Polo! Polo shirts are all the rage right now.  From preppy, to the cropped polo, these collared shirts are putting other styles to shame.  Designers showed both casual styled polo shirts and tops that could be worn in an office setting.
  • The parka. Despite the structured blazer being the usual spring go-to, a new favorite has come to town.  The parka is going to be popular this season.  For a fitted look, try a cropped or size appropriate styled parka.  For a less structured look, go for an oversized one.
  • Gingham. Nothing quite says spring like light blue gingham.  A dress or a skirt with gingham fabric is hard to go wrong with.  Designers incorporated fancy cut-outs, deep plunges, and high slits into this years ensembles.
  • Dress down. Slouchy was the new look this season.  In particular, a loose fitting trench is the way to go.  Tying and wrapping the trench, as opposed to having it open is the popular choice on this runway.
  • Accentuate that waist. Think of a maxi dress, but with more volume.  Adding extra fabric to the front of skirts was a dramatic choice of many designers this season.  The trick to looking slim with all that volume is to purchase a skirt with a tie waist.
  • To the office. This almost speaks for itself.  Pencil skirts, black and white and collars are what we are looking at.  You get the idea.
  • Marsala…the fashion color of 2015. Marsala is the fashion color of 2015, so designers incorporated it in many pieces on the runway.  Add this shade to your spring wardrobe to be ahead of the game.

When shopping for runway trends, you need to go somewhere that’s always fashion forward.  Anthropologie on 470 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, NJ is always up with the trends.  This is one of the reasons that the store is so popular.  From parkas to gingham you will find it all there.

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