Next Step Orthopedics in West Orange

Orthotic professionals, Michael Moschella and Paul Duffy, take the next step with new technology at Next Step Orthopedics.

Next Step Orthopedics manufactures and designs cutting-edge prosthetic devices.

next step orthopedics
Photo courtesy of Next Step Orthopedics.

Those in need of cutting edge, prosthetic care in the Montclair area may be pleased to know of Next Step Orthopedics in West Orange, N.J. Next Step Orthopedics is a custom prosthetics provider owned by orthotics specialists Michael Moschella and Paul Duffy. After meeting in the field 20 years ago, Moschella and Duffy decided to combine their talents 15 minutes away from Montclair. Since 2002, Next Step has been located in West Orange to provide orthopedic solutions for people afflicted with cerebral palsy, early developmental disorders, stroke and sports injuries.

This small business supports patients of all ages and designs assistant devices via computer software. Depending on each patient’s personal needs, the team at Next Step Orthopedics creates a custom-made contraption for assisted living. After the initial design phase, Next Step adapts their devices according to their patients’ progress. For this reason, there is an extremely personal approach to each case at Next Step Orthopedics.

Michael Moschella, co-founder said, “It’s a rewarding field to be in. We work with a vast array of individual patients who have different goals and conditions. In many cases, we’re teaching those who have been injured to learn how to walk better. We adapt devices to change along with their progress. It’s very fulfilling to see each personal journey.” The center offers walking courses for amputees and training sessions for new patients.

Looking towards the future, Moschella believes there is still good work to be done at the business. “We want to start creating more computer designed devices, sports prosthetics [and more].” The team at Next Step utilizes onsite technology to perform head and limb scans to measure personalized gear. Proper fittings are arranged to mold custom tools and helmets. Computer technology has only advanced things in terms of time and accuracy.

next step orthpedics
Photo courtesy of Next Step Orthopedics.

If you are interested in learning more about Next Step Orthopedics, call them at 973-736-2244 or check out their website at Moschella and Duffy have constructed their business at 311 Main Street in West Orange, N.J.

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