Nishuane Group Improves Community

The Nishuane Group strives to make the community better for everyone, fixing things such as improving shopping areas for community members.

Nishuane Group enhances the community.

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The Nishuane Group is a team in Montclair that specializes in innovating, planning and thinking critically to connect individuals with their communities. The team focuses on urban planning with five core values: integrity, excellence, empowerment, responsibility and compassion. With these values in mind, they tackle every project with originality and precision.

The Nishuane Group focuses on economic and community development, housing, land use regulation and redevelopment planning. The group is attentive during all stages of planning, reviewing, developing and sustaining the mission to improve a growing community. They have successfully worked on projects pertaining to nonprofits, private developers, universities, municipalities and the general public.

The Nishuane Group works with clients who they believe in. When they take on a project, they form a team with their clients to fulfill their goal. Their plan is designed to form connections, to develop the quality of housing for the community and sustain support for the projects to continue implementation.

In 2013, the Nishuane Group took on various projects in East Orange, N.J. to preserve the community: the Historic Preservation, the Lower Main Street Revitalization Plan and the Parks Master Plan are just a few. All plans were to recognize sustainability and partner networks to get the most out of the surrounding area.

In recent news, the townships of Montclair and Verona, borough of Glen Ridge and township of Bloomfield are involved with Together North Jersey to make for a better shopping experience. The Nishuane Group plans to bring these communities together to make the Bloomfield Avenue corridor safer for the public to shop willingly.

The Nishuane Group strives to give individuals and families a safer living environment and open a door to better opportunities. The group points attention to areas that call for improvement and thus create a plan for the execution.

The Nishuane Group proudly partners with the American Planning Association, the American Planning Association N.J. Chapter, the International Economic Development Council and the New Jersey Planning Officials. For more information or how the Nishuane Group is growing a community surrounding you, go to

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