NJ Fitness Factory

NJ Fitness Factory, the Montclair personal training studio, is a pleasant but confident place for people to lose weight and gain strength.

NJ Fitness Factory strives to bring fitness to all those that seek it.

nj fitness factory
Photo courtesy of Joe Michalitsianos.

For many Montclair residents, finding the time to get fit and lose weight can be harder than the process itself. In such a bustling town, working out is a hard thing to start, and it can be even harder to keep going. On top of that, the intense and proud athletic and fitness community in Montclair can be intimidating to those who are perhaps new to the world of fitness. NJ Fitness Factory has the answer for those people.

Located at 47 South Park St., the personal training gym offers an environment conducive to both fitness and comfortability. The combination of the two is vital to reach the market of people that really do want to start seriously training, but haven’t quite found the right comfort zone or time.

Co-owners Marc Ronches and Russ Teitsma are no strangers to the world of fitness and nutrition. Teitsma is a certified trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and Ronches is a certified strength and conditioning specialist. When you go to NJ Fitness Factory, you’re putting yourself in qualified, confident and experienced hands. Although neither of them do personal training anymore because of the time consumed by managing the business, they have used their experience in the industry to form a capable and enthusiastic team of trainers.

Ronches and Teitsma were personal trainers together before they came up with the idea to create NJ Fitness Factory. Deciding to break away from the typical hardcore cross-fit type workouts that generally are associated with personal training, the pair realized that most people want to get in and out of the gym quickly and conveniently. So they created an environment that is not intimidating and very efficient in terms of time spent working out.

The ripple effect that the studio has created around the community since its opening in 2011 is evident. Groups within Montclair that never had the motivation or free time to lose weight and get fit are now achieving their goals, and thus becoming a lot happier.

Bonnie Bratic, a mother of two elementary school children couldn’t believe the effects. “I had no time. With two kids in fifth grade and second grade, I was genuinely too busy or frustrated at being busy to work out or improve myself,” said Bratic. “Another mother told me about NJ Fitness Factory, and it’s helped not only my fitness, it’s made me more confident in myself, something that I can take into parenting and other parts of my life.”

Bratic’s experience seems to be exactly what Teitsma and Ronches set out to achieve five years ago. Getting through to those people that want to be fit but have found adversity in some way or another is not only a job at NJ Fitness Factory, it’s a passion. The staff and all those involved believe wholeheartedly in what they are doing and what they want to give to people, something that working out at a crowded gym weight room simply won’t give you.

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