Nouveaux Honkies: Q&A

Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 14 for an enjoyable night performed by The Nouveaux Honkies, right here on Church Street's main stage!

Get the inside scoop with The Nouveaux Honkies!

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Nouveaux Honkies
Photo courtesy of The Nouveaux Honkies

Don’t forget to partake in a one night special event performed by none other than the awe-inspiring, The Nouveaux Honkies. They will be performing Saturday, May 14 on the Church Street main stage in Montclair, N.J. The musical event will be held from 8 p.m. until 10 p.m. This free outdoor concert will give the incredible duo a chance to amaze the town of Montclair, in which they fully intend to do! They will even be available for album signing and chatting afterwards.

The magnificent duo made up of Tim O’Donnell and Rebecca Dawkins is extremely unique. Through their individual gifts and love for one another, it has allowed their music to intertwine effortlessly, complementing one another in the most brightest light possible.

Luckily, I was able to get a quick Q&A with the duo:

  • Q: How did the both of you know that Nouveaux Honkies was going to be your life long career? What is it about music that connects the two of you to produce a unique sound?
  • A: Rebecca always had a saying that she was put on the earth to make people smile. As far as a conscious decision to make TNH our career, I don’t think we approached it that way. Naturally some talent is involved in being a musician, but I still don’t think there is a college major that explains the perils of missing the majority of relatives’ and friends’ birthdays, spending holidays away from family and the ragged schedule that takes traveling musicians from place to place. Because of this I think the majority of touring musicians are picked by the career. The reasons musicians do it probably vary, but I know the reason Beck and I do it. It’s because of the people we get to perform for and meet. Hands down it sure is cool to be in different places and meet great people. As far as a unique sound that some say we have I just feel we do what we do and if we all stayed true to that I think there would be more “uniqueness” just for the sake of people being pretty dang unique. Rebecca and I connect on the most basic levels of both love and hate and we don’t try to hide that. It’s just honesty, that’s what we are trying to sell.
  • Q: How and why do you believe Deb and Paul Zimmerman have decided to sponsor your band? What would you like to say to them that you don’t think they already know?
  • A: We met Paul and Deb in Florida when we first started playing together. When we started touring they would give us a place to stay up north and Paul helped in landing many shows for us. The more we got to know them and the more people we met that knew them just reaffirmed our belief that they are just great people. They have helped us many times on the road, funded our last recording project and are regulars at our shows. I am not sure why they back us like they do but I am sure they are great folks. For Rebecca and I it all goes back to trying to touch people through our music and performance. If I could say something to them it would just be I value their friendship so much and thank them for it.
  • Q: What’s the one thing you want listeners to take with them when hearing your music, especially for the very first time?
  • A: We want listeners to leave feeling better than when they got there. That’s all. We just want positive things happening. If they are impressed by some playing or singing or a song that is fine. but most importantly [we want them] leaving with a smile.

    The Nouveaux Honkies.
    Photo courtesy of The Nouveaux Honkies.

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