Office Fashion for Summer

Get a head start on your office fashion with these pieces that will keep you cool in the heat while still looking professional.

Office fashion to keep you professional and cool.

office fashion
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Whether you are preparing your wardrobe for that exciting summer internship, or picking up a few new pieces for your nine to five, it’s never too early to hit the stores and start shopping. When it comes to my personal closet, I find it helpful to always buy items a season ahead. However, dressing for the office during those unbearably scorching summer days poses a major problem: how does one look professional and keep cool? These must–have pieces will help you beat the summer heat.

  • The Midi Skirt. What I love about the midi skirt is that it can carry you through multiple seasons.  Before purchasing an item, consider the versatility it provides – you want to get as many wears as possible. The midi skirt is a great piece for the spring, fall and summer. The length of this skirt is great for work. It hits just below the knee for a professional look minus the beads of sweat. A skirt is very open as opposed to tight trousers or denim that stick to you in the heat.
  • The Shirtdress. The shirtdress is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a knee length cotton shirt, thus a dress. Keep in mind that this has to be done right to appear work-appropriate. If the shirtdress is above the knee, don’t throw it on for a day at the office. Also, make sure the fabric is solid with little or no bold prints. With a style so casual, it’s important to keep the colors and lines sleek for the workplace. Pair with adorable yet smart heels and simple accessories.
  • Linen Suits. This is for those of you that work in a more traditional office setting that requires you to wear a suit everyday. Don’t worry! This is totally doable while remaining fashionable and comfortable! Choose pieces that are lighter in color with airy fabrics such as linen, cotton and twill. Also, try a louche silhouette instead of traditional styles.
  • Coordinating Sets. Nothing says fashionable quite like the power of matching. Since last year, coordinating sets have been rampant on the runways. For the most work appropriate look, try a pencil skirt with a matching printed short sleeve top. The length of the pencil skirt and the sleeve-less top will be enough to keep you nice and cool this summer. But in nearly every office, showcasing your midriff is a no! So while the crop top may be tempting, keep that belly away at work.

Which store is best for finding work appropriate summer clothing? The Gap, located on 629 Valley Road is a wonderful starting point. They are shirtdress experts and carry skirts in every length imaginable. The Gap steers away from excessively bold or wild patterns and silhouettes, making it perfectly suit for work. In no time you will find looks that say I’m professional and stylish. Now where’s that summer sunshine?

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