One Savvy Design Consignment

One Savvy Design offers you countless Women's Consignment clothing and hand-made, painted Shabby Chic furniture for a price that fits everyone's budget.

One Savvy Design Consignment Boutique welcomes you into their home!

One Savvy Design carries a selection Women’s Consignment Clothing Shoes Handbags & Accessories as well as Up cycled Shabby Chic Furniture. Owner Arlene Carrini opened up One Savvy Design Consignment Boutique, which is located on 74 Church Street in Montclair, in 2012, and is on her fourth year of business.

Carrini first started out by refurbishing her own furniture in her backyard around 2008. “I was looking to open up my own shop at the time, but it just wasn’t the right move for me. I was also consigning my own clothing and my mom said to me, ‘why don’t you open up a shop with both things,’ and so when the time was right and I got married, we started looking for locations and this was the location that I fell in love with,” said Carrini. “The house just went with the whole recycled, up-cycled, refurbished look. Within three weeks we opened, and it’s been great. I love being in Montclair, I think it’s a walking town and a lot of people come to Montclair for the restaurants and for the shopping.”

At first, Carrini opened up her boutique as only half the store with furniture and clothing, and then within a year and a half, she was able to open up the other side and have the furniture separated from the clothing.

one savvy design
Photo courtesy of Arlene Carrini.

One Savvy Design consigns everything from J.Crew to Anthropologie to Diane Von Furstenberg to Prada to Louis Vuitton to Chanel. Carrini felt that if you are looking in your closet at something that is old to you, it is new to someone else. She is giving clothing a new life by doing that. “We do a broad range of brands so that every price point meets every one of our customers needs. No matter who comes through the door, they can afford to buy something in the store,” said Carrini. One Savvy Design prices their items based off of the competitive market value.

Carrini makes sure that her boutique targets all of her customers, whether they are looking for consigned clothing, furniture, or even new clothing, although her main business is primarily consignment merchandise. Everything that she sells is in great condition, and all of their shoes are barely even worn. “We are constantly expanding and re-inventing ourselves,” said Carrini. Right now, Carrini has been in the process of revamping both her websites because she has a website for the “Shabby Chic” furniture and a website for the Women’s Consignment Clothing.

When it comes to buying for their store, Carrini buys brand new clothing to add to the selection of merchandise in the store. She has attended the trade shows at the Javits Center in Manhattan in the past to buy brand new products that she tested for fall and winter and found that it did really well, so next week she will be attending a trade show to buy for the spring. “We are looking to franchise, we’ve got a lot of great opportunities here. Everyday we grow and we learn,” said Carrini.

Aside from the clothing, One Savvy Design also does custom painting for a furniture of your own. For example, if you have a family heirloom and you want to give it a new life, they will hand paint it and have a large color scheme that you can choose from. They also have a showroom that includes all their hand painted furniture. “Every once in awhile, we will feature a local individual who makes their own jewelry or someone who has a store and we kind of cross-pollinate businesses so if she has a piece of furniture of mine, I will have her bath dust or body scrubs or candles here at my store,” said Carrini.

Carrini’s motto is to make people feel comfortable every time they walk into the door. ““I want to welcome everyone into our home and for them to feel like they can ask us anything. We have fun & friendly atmosphere and we welcome everyone you to our store,” said Carrini.

For more information on One Savvy Design Boutique, you can visit their main website,, like them on Facebook at, follow them on Instagram at onesavvydesign or browse their Pinterest at

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