Our Pound in Town: Block Party

Mark your calendars for Our Pound in Town Block Party on April 10 with Pit Bull Mate.

Don’t miss the block party, Our Pound in Town, in support of pit bulls.

our pound in town
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Pholwattana.

Local businessman, Jeremy Pholwattana, is holding a large “Our Pound in Town” block party on Sunday, April 10. Pholwattana is a sponsor, creator and owner of Pit Bull Mate, a website that’s main focus is to connect pit bulls with their owners. With both the Montclair Township Animal Shelter and Pit Bull Mate teaming up, Pholwattana’s main goal is to bring awareness to the Animal Shelter and all of the community services it provides as, “Our Pound in Town.”

Pholwattana, who recently moved to Montclair this past year, is a proud owner of a two-years-old, seventh generation purebred pitbull whom he raised since he was seven weeks old. “The joy that my dog brings to my family is something so special that it makes me believe everyone should have that. Bringing awareness to the Montclair Animal Shelter is a way to connect people to the animals that are in need of company and a loving home,” said Pholwattana.

Aside from raising awareness, this event is also about bringing the community together as a whole. Although not everyone may be capable of adopting or at a place in their lives right now to afford another mouth to feed in their home, Pholwattana believes that if the residents of this town and the surrounding towns all come together, there will be enough eyes, mouths and ears to speak out and spread the word that the shelter is here and that it does exist. “I’ve found comfort in this town and I can’t believe how fast it inspired me to do more and give back. I am hoping we can ultimately reach out to those whom are in the position to adopt and save a life,” said Pholwattana.

The block party will take place right outside the Montclair Animal Shelter, which is located at 77 North Willow St., and will be from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. There will be law enforcement on hand at the end of the street and the surrounding area. You can expect to see tons of food, family, live music and of course, pets, as well as balloons, homemade desserts, dancing and smiles.

Some of the sponsors include local businesses such as the Montclair Girl Scouts, Joey Thai, Pure Pita, Bella Gente, Paraiso, Laboratorio, Wood Pit BBQ, Let’s Yo, Gelotti, In The Company of Yum, Doin’ Dishes, Uptown Art, Paint Mix NJ, The Grooming Gallery, Intrepid Gym Montclair and Connect One Productions.

“I personally cannot wait to see the amount of smiles on people’s faces and hear the stories that will be shared. April 10 will be a great day, and will be the perfect day to let people know all about our pound in town,” said Pholwattana.

To find out more information, feel free to contact Jeremy@pitbullmate.com, and visit pitbullmate.com.


CHANGES: The Montclair Animal Shelter burnt down over the weekend of Apr. 3, 2016. Luckily no animals or people were harmed, but the Block Party happening on Sun. Apr. 10, 2016 will now be held as a fundraiser to help rebuild the Shelter.

our pound
Photo courtesy of Jeremy Pholwattana.

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