Outposts Finale of the Fall Season

Join the holidays performances of the Outposts Finale of the fall season with Joseph Arthur, with Mike Mills of REM, Bill Dobrow, and Jonah Tolchin.

Come Home for the holidays and spend it at the Outposts Finale.

For Central Jersey-raised Jonah Tolchin who now lives in Bar Harbor, Maine, a life of musical performance and creation was his destiny before he knew it. His parents ran a record shop at one time and had this feeling that Tolchin was going to develop an early ear for music and pick up anything he could make music with-from toys and, later on, real instruments. Tolchin embodied all of these premonitions, and to this day still utilizes them to create his own sound.

Speaking of his sound, although it has very strong elements of folk, blues and bluegrass, Tolchin says to not tie him down to any genre, because that is not what true music and musicianship is all about. This goes especially for music that is called “folk,” which is really about just telling good stories to take in and should not necessarily be treated as a genre, at least not by the music industry’s standards. Some of his stories can be heard in such numbers as “Rocks and Nails,” “Oval Room” and “Folsom Prison.” The Outposts Finale’s last song is not to be confused with Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.”

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Although Tolchin’s Ohio-born headliner Joseph Arthur once played with supergroups such as Fistful of Mercy and RNDM, his true creative calling merely lies within himself. From designing all of the artwork on each CD he has released, including The Ballad of Boogie Christ 2, a companion piece to The Ballad of Boogie Christ released this past June, to performing primarily as a one-man band using looping techniques (notably used by indie musician Andrew Bird), Arthur takes the good, true folkish mentality and attitude by going forth with his own painted vision on his right-brain canvas and sticking with it. He also has some artwork in his own personal gallery in the DUMBO district of Brooklyn, N.Y.

Aside from that, his sonic masterpieces include “Saint of Impossible Causes” (which he and a band performed on The Jay Leno Show in June), “Cherries in the Snow,” “Travel as Equals” and “Invisible Hands.” His companion piece will be released Nov. 29, but it is highly suggested to just do the grassroots thing and come to the show and buy the CD to beat and avoid the perils and stress of Black Friday shopping and shoppers. His albums, along with Tolchin’s, would make perfect gifts for anyone who wants and needs that additional sonic warmth and love.

Just as Outpost volunteers and musicians do everything in their power to spread cheer to the patrons, these said patrons, in return, should spread cheer to those in need, especially children. That is why Outposts Finale is collecting unwrapped and unopened toys for Toys for Tots. These toys will be sent to Picatinny Arsenal, where United States Marines will send these toys to children to ensure that they will have something to make them happy for the holiday season.  It is also of great convenience that there is a toy store called Just Kidding Around, located right on 507 Bloomfield Avenue, with all kinds of toys for all kinds of children. Please do not forget that supporting local businesses is of major importance as well.

The Outposts Finale tickets are $22 in advance and $27 on day of the show. Tickets can be purchased at the following locations Keil’s Pharmacy and Studio042.

Parking space for the Outposts Finale of the fall season is available in the lot by the rear entrance of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation Church of Montclair. There are plenty of places to grab a bite to eat before the show as well. A variety of ethnic eateries, such as Mesob Ethiopian (located on the corner of Bloomfield Avenue and North Fullerton Avenue), and Nori Japanese restaurant (located on Bloomfield Avenue). For quick bites and cafe-style needs, there are the Turkish Simit Bakery and the French Le Petit Parisien, both on Church Street. For a mix of ethnic and regular American-style dining, Manny’s Diner is located right next to Le Petit. As for where to eat after the show, not many places are open after hours, except for the Office Beer Bar and Grill on Bloomfield Avenue and Manny’s.

Don’t miss out the Outposts Finale of the fall season.

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