Parabolic Performance and Rehab

Parabolic Physical Therapy offers a high caliber blend of sports performance training and physical therapy, a dream for injured athletes.

Montclair athletes and coaches utilize Parabolic.

Parabolic Performance and Rehabilitation
Photo courtesy of Parabolic Performance and Rehabilitation.

For many who have experienced the trauma of a season-ending sports injury, there are two strenuous parts to their reintegration back into athletics. First, there is the recovery. Once recovered, there is the uphill battle of getting to the fitness and strength levels that one was at pre-injury. These two battles are defined by distinctly different characteristics. The recovery usually involves an antsy, frustrating waiting process in which one has to endure weeks or months of bare minimum physical activity. Then comes the fight to achieve pre-injury aerobic capacity and confidence, vital attributes to get back a starting spot for team athletes and something that requires a will and drive that at times can feel impossible.

Parabolic Performances and Rehab recognizes the strain of these two separate problems and eradicates the need for any frustration over it. Using cutting-edge techniques and practices, this institution commits itself to the rehabilitation of any injured athlete. The difference between Parabolic and any other physical therapy program is its combination of rehabilitation with an intense sports performance program that provides athletes with the confidence and fitness they need to hit the ground running once recovered.

Boasting a large and enthusiastic team of doctorate-level physical therapists and nationally renowned sports performance coaches, Parabolic has gained a reputation for consistently meeting the demands of athletes of any age, sport or fitness level. Parabolic operates two facilities in New Jersey, one in Little Falls and the other in Montclair. The Montclair location, located at 15 Bloomfield Avenue, has proven itself to be of immense use to the athlete-studded town.

Over the past few years, Montclair High School athletes and coaches alike have recognized Parabolic as the go-to location for whatever ailment they have encountered. Lorna Rundle, a head coach at Montclair High School Crew, said she feels most comfortable and confident sending her injured athletes to Parabolic.

“For crew, our season doesn’t stop moving,” said Rundle. “The injuries we encounter are generally strained muscles and back problems, injuries that can be very hard to overcome for an athlete and difficult to judge for a coach. If we send our kids to Parabolic, at least we know they are getting the best in terms of reintegration into our fast-paced and strenuous season.”

While the science behind the program provides optimal results and is constantly improving, the endearing and personal experience provided by the staff at Parabolic seems to be what keeps people coming back. The company stays true to its number one core value: the client experience is their first priority.

Parabolic has multiple locations across New Jersey, including Montclair, Little Falls and Hackensack. There is also an additional location in Chicago, Ill.

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