Part-Time Work Aids Unemployed

With unemployment rates rising every day, it's difficult for people to make ends meet. Having part-time work can help citizens get back on their feet.

Part-time work helps unemployed.

According to a recent Washington Examiner article, the unemployment situation in the United States isn’t as peachy as the government is trying to make it sound. Wall street figure, David John Marotta, recently calculated that the actual unemployment rate is at 32.7 percent.  The misery index is at 14, drastically different than the U.S. government’s claim of six-point-seven and eight the government has presented the public with.

Marotta’s calculations in misery and unemployment tie into a Washington Post article written a few days ago. It discussed how those who are unemployed for more than 27 weeks find themselves unable to actually find a job. They are completely miserable.

Despite all these unfortunately miserable statistics and projections, there is a ray of hope. That ray of hope is unemployment insurance. Unemployment insurance is a really great system. It gives someone who has lost their job the ability to provide for their family while searching for a job. This program works because it allows for bills to be paid and food to be put on the table. This means that an out of work individual can search for a job with peace of mind. Typically, the program will pay 40 to 50 percent of that individual’s old salary. The program can cover an individual and their family for up to 99 weeks. Not bad, right?

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However, the greatest thing about unemployment insurance is not just the coverage it provides, but its allowance of an individual receiving benefits to work part-time.  Under the program, an individual can hold a part-time job and see their benefits reduced by how much they make from part time work. The reductions vary from state to state and depend on how much you earn part time. This is a truly great aspect for many reasons.

Having a part-time job while on unemployment makes the 27 weeks statistic by the Washington Post seem less grim. After 27 weeks of doing nothing, yes, it’s true, a person’s skills will become rusty and they will become less desirable to the marketplace. However, if during that 27 weeks (or more in many cases) a part-time position in their field is held, their skills will remain in tact. They will be just as hirable as the day they entered the workforce. As the saying goes, practice makes better.

Additionally, they may enter the workforce in even better shape than before. Working part-time may have given them even more connections that can help them successfully secure employment. For example, if a journalist loses their job, picking up part-time work writing for a blog or magazine while on unemployment allows them to still utilize their writing and reporting skills, rather than seeing them go to waste. No one likes wasting their skills and talents. Rather to offer it to the world and see their true purpose for the world.

Working part-time on unemployment keep skills fresh. It also keeps those who are unemployed happy and sane. The misery index is so high because unemployment is truly depressing. The feeling of rejection and the fear of poverty partners with the realm of boredom. Staying inside the house and watching re-runs of soap operas and daytime talk shows while waiting for an offer to come along is defeating. By having a part time job, these feelings of boredom are washed away. The unemployed individual is engaging in something so their mind is preoccupied. This will keep them calm and happy while they wait for a full-time job offer. Simply having any type of job should justify no job at all.

Part-time employment also provides a boost. Part of the depression that comes along with unemployment is tied into an individual feeling inadequate because they aren’t the ones providing for their family. By having a paying part-time job, this feeling is removed. The individual feels as if they are doing something rather than nothing to provide for their loved ones. By having a part-time job, it can truly change a person’s mood. Just thinking about everyone else in the world without a job can be depressing. Including yourself as a number in that category can be torture for one’s mind. Obtaining a part-time job gives a sense of value in some shape or form.

Part-time work while on unemployment is also vital to the economy. Since the current state of things, many employers can’t afford to hire full-time employees. They can hire part-time. This way, employers are able to help their business grow while not being financially burdened by having to pay for a full-time position. Also, a part-time position allows for this employer to get to know the employee. This could later result in a full-time position at the company or another great connection.

One of the final reasons the part-time work is also beneficial is that it allows an individual to stay on unemployment longer. They are putting less of strain on the system. For example, if an individual’s unemployment is $300 per week and they earn$250 while working part-time, $50 is taken from their unemployment benefits. The U.S. government is then ultimately spending $50 less on that person. This means they can stretch their support a little longer than the typical person. In a time when the government is strapped and finding it difficult to pay for these programs, this is a great help. Could you disagree?

Ultimately, working part-time while on unemployment is not just beneficial to the unemployed, but also to the economy and the government. It is an excellent feature of the unemployment system. If more people utilized this opportunity, it might make statistics like Marotta’s a rarity. We could actually change the way the world is now for the better.

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