Partners for Women and Justice

Partners for Women and Justice provides free legal aid to low-income female victims of domestic abuse with “Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence”.

Partners for Women and Justice “Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence” helps domestic violence victims.

The fourth annual “Break the Cycle of Domestic Violence” event in Montclair took place on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at the 3Sixty Cycling Studio on 4 Lackawanna Plaza. The event is held by the Partners for Women and Justice, a nonprofit organization that aims to provide free legal aid to low-income women who have been victims of domestic abuse. The goal is to get these women and their children to safe and secure environments away from violence.

On the organization’s website, they state, “We have trained and worked with several hundred pro bono attorneys who have donated millions in free legal services to our clients as they seek protective orders, safe custody and visitation arrangements and fair awards of child support and spousal support.” They host different events throughout the year to raise money, the most recent being their fourth annual cycling event held in two different locations – one in New York City and the other in Montclair. 

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This year, Montclair took the crown with most money raised, bringing in $8,950, while the New York City event brought in $7,637. So far in total, along with online donations, the organization has raised $17,648. To donate and help the cause, you can visit the fundraising page at

On the Montclair team, some notable mentions include Dina Golas, who raised the most amount at $1,545, and Richard Trenk, who came close raising $1,520. Mary Rossi, who lives in Montclair and is currently attending Rutgers University, heard about the event but couldn’t make it this year. “It’s really great that this organization is not only helping women mentally and emotionally, but also physically and financially,” she said. “It seems like a great cause and I would love to participate in next year’s event.”

The Partners for Women and Justice have helped so many innocent females and their children from abuse and violence. On their webpage they tell the story of Bonnie (not her real name), whose nine year old son tells her he is afraid of his father. Bonnie’s husband has threatened to kill both her and her son, and with no other options she took her boy and fled to a shelter. Unfortunately, she was unable to afford a lawyer, so she reached out to Partners for Women and Justice. One of their attorneys represented Bonnie in court and helped her get a restraining order, safe visitation, and financial support for her son. With the help of Partners for Women and Justice, Bonnie was able to find safety and a new life.

This is just one of the many people Partners for Women and Justice has helped, so feel free to reach out to the organization to donate or get involved today!

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