Pedestrian Safety Committee

Residents of Montclair can get involved with the Pedestrian Safety Committee and make Montclair safer for pedestrians.

Pedestrian Safety Committee gets citizens involved.

Texting and driving wreck hitting pedestrian
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With such a busy city and thriving businesses, it’s no surprise that Montclair has some of the highest pedestrian foot traffic. However, according to a report by Baristanet, “in the last 10 years, on average, 41 pedestrians a year have been hit by a vehicle in Montclair, and eight now have died as a result.”

Now, residents can give back to the community and help all pedestrians by taking part in the Pedestrian Safety Committee. The Township of Montclair’s Pedestrian Safety Committee is hosting a public meeting on Jan. 13 at 7 p.m. in the meeting room of 1 Pine Street, housed in the Bay Street Firehouse. All members of the community are welcomed to attend and help make a difference in their community.

Since the committee met in October, the Pedestrian Safety Committee has teamed up with a traffic consultant based from Rutgers University to help come up with ideas and an action plan for Montclair. The next steps in the plan will be discussed at the first meeting in the new year.

According to the Pedestrian Safety Committee’s web page, “the Pedestrian Safety Committee was formed in 2013 to call attention to the increasing number of pedestrian and bicyclist accidents involving motor vehicles and to develop strategies to reduce those numbers. The committee comprises representatives from the Montclair Safe Routes to School and Health and Wellness Partnership, Montclair Township Police and Engineering Departments, Partners for Health Foundation, Bike&Walk Montclair, Essex County Community Traffic Safety Program and individuals from the community at-large. The ‘Drive with Care in Montclair’ campaign is a current committee initiative, funded primarily by the Partners for Health Foundation, which is designed to encourage safe driving behaviors through a variety of media including banners, flyers and a forum on Traffic Safety held in April 2014 and televised on TV34.”

Anyone who has additional feedback about the committee or items discussed in the October meeting can be emailed to

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