Petal Pushers Grow with Determination

The delightful team of the Petal Pushers are racing with passion and determination for the betterment of Montclair children's educational success.

Petal Pushers spring into action as they registered for the 2017 MFEE Fundracer.

petal pushers
Photo courtesy of Petal Pushers.

Joanne LaMarca and Aleta Guzik are the blooming duo of Petal Pushers. Since they didn’t take part in last year’s Montclair Fund for Educational Excellence Fundracer, they  had to embark in the fun this time around.

 The Petal Pushers used their combination of love for bikes and drive to help the kids in the amazing town  of Montclair to have all the educational advantages they need to truly achieve their goals.
Team member of Petal Pushers, Joanne LaMarca is a proud resident of Montclair, who couldn’t even imagine to live anywhere else in the state, unless she was handed a free beach house! She loves the sense of community in Montclair as she’s been apart of the great town for about 12 years now. Due to the vibrant and diverse community, she has also met a village of friends that are completely irreplaceable. She’s sure that each and everyone of them will be cheering her on and making huge donations to such a worthy cause!

“I’m not sure what to expect from the race other than a lot of laughs with Aleta for a good cause.  To prepare I’m getting plenty of rest and taking plenty of steroids … [for the record,] I’m just not touching bugs!” said LaMarca enthusiastically.

When asked what MFEE should consider investing with the funds they’ll receive for the Montclair Public Schools, LaMarca replied, “There are many little things I’d like to see like having cafeterias where lunches were made fresh every day, and maybe giving our schools a bit of a face lift inside and out so that our children could learn in a neat and clean environment, offering foreign languages in all elementary schools, creating after school extra help programs to give our kids the advantage they need to compete with the districts around us, the list goes on – but who am I?!”

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