Phoebe Grace Earns Senior Spotlight

Over the next few weeks, Montclair High School senior, Phoebe Grace, explores all mediums to create pieces for her upcoming art show.

phoebe grace
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Brownsword

Talented high school student and artist, Phoebe Grace, is spending her Senior Option preparing for her own art show.

Montclair High School senior, Phoebe Grace is working on her own art show for her internship for Montclair High School’s  Career Internship Program. A local synagogue, B’nai Keshet, has offered her a space in which she is creating a variety of pieces over the four week internship program. This artwork will be compiled for an art show which is planned to take place on June 13 at B’nai Keshet.

Grace is grateful for this chance to focus solely on her own work. “I’m basically my own boss,” said Grace. “I really like getting a chance to work independently on my own work and it’s really fun. I don’t do a lot of stuff independently, [so] it’s nice to push myself to come up with things without a prompt.”

phoebe grace
Photo Courtesy of Rebecca Brownsword

This show is sure to be an exciting one, considering the up-and-coming artist is using all kinds of materials for her artwork. “I’m trying to use as many different mediums as I can. I get kind of bored in one medium for too long so I’m just experimenting with stuff I’ve never used.”

As an active student of Montclair High School, Grace has been Art Editor for the Phoenix Art and Lit Magazine and was a member of Drama Club. During her junior year, Grace went to the semester art school, The Oxbow School, in Napa, Calif. to further improve her artistic abilities.

Grace does have some advice to rising seniors as they start the daunting college application process: “Don’t overwhelm yourself but also have semi-unrealistic goals because that keeps it interesting.”

Next fall, Grace is going to Bennington College in Vermont. “I plan to study art and psychology,” said Grace. “I want to go into art therapy.”

For more information about the Career Internship program, click here. Senior students at Montclair High School are given the opportunity to have a different kind of work experience the last four weeks of their high school career. The CIP at Montclair High School lets senior students explore an area of work they are interested in through internships with local businesses.

Written By: Rebecca Brownsword, Caitlin Kennedy, Natalie Toth and Maddy Firkser

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