Photographer’s Take on the 2016 Montclair Jazz Festival

On Saturday, Aug. 13, the famous Montclair Jazz Festival was held. It was more than just music this time, it was also a place for photographers.

The 2016 Montclair Jazz Festival, a marvelous place for photographers.

montclair jazz
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

The 2016 Montclair Jazz Festival, held in Nishuane Park in Montclair, was a tremendous environment for more than just music. The Montclair Jazz Festival was an amazing place to photograph. I myself, a staff photographer for The Montclair Dispatch, have attended the festival the past few years and it never ceases to provide a photographer like myself with endless material. The myriad of people, musicians, booths, food and even pets gave someone like myself a great amount to capture.

I attended the festival at my favorite time of day to photograph, as the evening begins and the sun begins to slowly set, also known as “the golden hour.” It provides a beautiful golden-yellow light on the space as the sun is in the right spot so that profound shadows are created. I prefer to capture more candid shots of people, as the Montclair Jazz Festival lets me practice my craft. I found the environment and people to be very joyous and friendly with lots of smiles, which makes my job as a photographer undoubtedly pleasurable.

montclair jazz
Photo by Eve Mahaney for The Montclair Dispatch.

A festival such as this lets the photographer capture great wide-angle shots of the entire atmosphere, as well as creative close-up shots of things such as people and animals. One of my favorite shots I took was of a very small dog, perplexed by the amount of people around him. As a photographer, the angle of your shot is extremely important. I was sitting down when the dog came up to me and I put my camera close to the ground so that I could capture a more interesting angle of the pup and make him look bigger than what us humans see from our usual angle. It’s challenges like these that are great for photographers. An event like this is something that photographers should take advantage of with a vast amount of subject matter and an extraordinary environment.

While being on site is of course a still photographers joy and being there in person to hear the music live with your neighbors is the whole point, for those unable to attend there is Livestream to the rescue.

The Montclair Jazz Festival organizers hired Livestream to live-stream the event in HD. Livestream is the leader in live-streaming events worldwide. Their peerless systems enabled many to watch the Montclair Jazz Festival from around the globe. Carly Walsh, Content and Social Curator for Livestream, reported that 2,857 total views were recorded during the noon to 9 p.m. broadcast with at one point 176 concurrent viewers enjoying the live jazz event.

To view more photos of the 2016 Montclair Jazz Festival by Eve Mahaney, please click here.

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