Pig and Prince Celebrates Two Years

Congratulations to Pig and Prince as they celebrate two years! The restaurant redefines American cuisine after bringing life back into an old train station.

Pig and Prince redefines American cuisine.

Pig and Prince restaurant, located on Lackawanna Plaza in Montclair, is about to celebrate its two year anniversary, and owner Mike Carrino couldn’t be more excited. Pig and Prince is a new American restaurant with something to offer people of all tastes. “We take inspiration from all different cuisines,” said Carrino. “We cook with seasonal, sustainable foods and work with local farmers and breeders. Our goal is to have the freshest, best product [for our customers.]”

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The Pig and Prince menu is large and has something for everyone to love. It varies from appetizers to full meals to smaller plates and even pizziettes. However, the menu item that Pig and Prince is most proud of involves their in-house curing program.

“We have one breeder who raises pigs and those are the only pigs we use to cure,” explained Carrino. “All meat is all natural cured meat with no nitrates. All pork is antibiotic and steroid free, and we have been working with same breeders for years.”

Pig and Prince has quite an impressive interior, but Carrino wants his customers to have a casual experience. They aim to “present highest quality food with no need to dress up.” Carrino hopes to make it everyone’s favorite every day restaurant.

Carrino was able to take a train station that was closed in 1981 and, until 2011, went through 30 years of disarray and changes multiple times. “We wanted to breathe life back into the building,” said Carrino. “It was very stagnant the past 30 years. We wanted to take this beautiful building that used to be the epicenter of Montclair and breathe life back into it.”

Carrino is looking forward to celebrating Pig and Prince’s two year anniversary on August 24, after spending five successful years in his first restaurant, Passionne, which used to reside on Walnut Street. Carrino has been up and down the east coast, starting out working in New York before traveling to Virginia and finally back to New Jersey in 2004. Carrino was also the owner of Passionne, but he took this opportunity to make Pig and Prince very different.

“I wanted to serve really good food to more people,” said Carrino. “[Pig and Prince] is much much larger. Passionne sat 45; [Pig and Prince] seats about 130. Now, we can serve good food for more people and also have a liquor license.”

Carrino hopes to make all of his customers feel at home at Pig and Prince. They strive to have the best food, service and atmosphere for fun and good times. The goal for Carrino is to make people comfortable and for people to say it’s their favorite restaurant.

“Customers are our number one concern and our goal is to be hospitable,” said Carrino. “I was honored to be able to take this place and bring it back to life.” Be sure to take advantage of this beautiful location and great cuisine at Pig and Prince restaurant.

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