Pinot’s Palette: Sip and Paint

Pinot's Palette on Bloomfield Avenue allows you to relax, paint a work of art and have some wine with friends and family.

Pinot’s Palette allows you to paint with friends.

pinot's pallete
Photo courtesy of Catherine Baxter.

During the frosty winter months, finding something to do each weekend becomes tedious; there’s only so many times you can go to the movies or go shopping just to escape being inside your house all the time. Pinot’s Palette, located on Bloomfield Avenue, offers step-by-step instructions to paint beautiful images, and also hosts a BYOB facility. It’s the perfect answer to turn a boring weekend into a relaxing day filled with family and friends – and wine!

For a small fee ($35 per painter on weekdays and $45 on weekends), painters are supplied with everything they need to create their art: a canvas, paint, paintbrushes of multiple sizes and an apron, so you can go crazy without covering your clothes in paint. Pinot’s Palette also supplies wine glasses, chilling buckets, cups and plates for any refreshments or snacks you desire to bring. If you love the Pinot’s Palette design on your wine glass or cup, you can even buy your own to bring home for $5.

Each class in the Montclair location can fit up to about 30 people, set up in rows in front of individual canvases on an easel; your seat is marked with your name etched into the table with chalk. After arriving a bit early to mingle and get cozy with your glass of wine, an instructor begins to go over how you will turn your blank canvas into a work of art. The instructor wears a microphone and the instructor’s own canvas is high in the air, so no matter where you are sitting in the room, you will be able to hear and see each step-by-step instruction. This great and simple instruction allows anybody to go from zero to Picasso in just a few short hours.

If you still think your painting would come out horrible even with a step-by-step instruction, the workers at Pinot’s Palette constantly roam around the room, answering questions and offering advice (and taking plenty of pictures!) to make sure you love the painting you bring home.

Each class offers a different design, with a new calendar of paintings coming out each month. When you see a painting you would love to create yourself, book your seat as soon as possible, as they go fast. If you are attending with friends or family, be sure to either book together or list each other’s names in your booking so you can sit with each other. Or, for larger groups, contact your local Pinot’s Palette to find out about the private parties they offer.

According to their website, “Pinot’s Palette (formerly Pinot & Picasso) opened for business on May 6, 2009. Being a new concept to Houston, [they] started small, with the hopes of having class three nights a week. Before long, word spread, and [they] now have multiple locations coast to coast, from New York to California.”

Pinot’s Palette has locations all across the country; in New Jersey, there are locations in Montclair, Hoboken, Red Bank and many more. A new calendar is usually posted on the 15 of every month for the paintings that will be available for the coming month. For a full list of locations or for more information, please visit Pinot’s Pallet is located at 351 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, and can be reached by email at or telephone at 973-744-7500.

Book your spot today for a relaxing day full of art!

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