Poetry Night in Montclair

Poetry Night with Linda Everswitch and Hope VanEnakker is a great way for all creative writers and fans of their work to come together and share.

poetry night
Photo courtesy of Poetry Night with Hope and Linda on Facebook.

Poetry Night for creative minds.

Calling all creative minds! Whether you are a writer, musician or just appreciate creative, free thinking– perhaps you’d be interested in attending a Poetry Night. What started out as a small gathering of close friends reading original and beloved classic poems has turned into a public event that has grown into being hosted at public venues such as Art Index Center in Newark!

Poetry Night was created two years ago by roommates living in Bloomfield: Hope VandenAkker and Montclair State State University alumnus Linda Everswick. VandenAkker and Everswick were already involved in the local music scene that’s popular amongst Montclair State University students as well as other young creatives in the area. These women wanted to create a more intimate outlet for expression, one not limited to music. They also wanted to emphasize their shared interests in poetry, music and pretty much all things dedicated to expressing creativity. Their Poetry Night allowed VandenAkker and Everswick to accomplish this and connect back to their community.

Not knowing how friends would react to a poetry night, they held the first one as an excuse to get friends together. It was like any other gathering that occurs— except there was only one catch to that particular night: bring your favorite poem or a poem that you’ve written and would like to share. This was a success! Little did they know of the great level of interest in sharing creative writing that was generated amongst Montclair and Bloomfield residents that night! The word spread, and with each Poetry Night, came more and more people.

Poetry Night has now become a safe place for creative minds to share their work without the fear of judgment. VandenAkker and Everswick created an atmosphere where creativity is always welcomed and encouraged. Newcomers are always welcome to either share a poem or just sit back and enjoy the creative energy that Poetry Night creates. Whether you’re a creative writer or just love to listen in to the work of others, Poetry Night is perfect for you.

This event occurs once every month, with varying venue locations. The most recent Poetry Night was held on April 24, but there will be more great events coming soon! To learn more about when the next Poetry Night is, check out the Facebook page: www.facebook.com/OffThePageProductions.

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