Project Oasis Student Support Program

Project Oasis offers a community-based alternative for suspended students to receive support during their suspension period.

Project Oasis offers support for suspended students.

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Montclair Public Schools and Montclair Neighborhood Development Corporation recently announced that they will be partnering to launch the Project Oasis Student Support Program, a new initiative to provide suspended students in Montclair with a “constructive learning and mentoring environment.”

The community-based pilot program was available starting Feb. 2, and is free-of-charge to all families with student at Montclair High School.

According to a statement released by Montclair Public Schools, “the Project Oasis Student Support Program was created through the collective will of the Board of Education, Superintendent’s Office, Montclair High School and anchored by the MNDC and the leadership of its Executive Director Al Pelham, who also serves as President of the Montclair NAACP, to proactively and strategically address the national epidemic of school suspensions of African American and other minority students. Specifically, the pilot program will make available district-approved substitute teachers, tutors and certified counselors and mentors to students during their suspension period and will combine a wide breadth of diverse activities during the day including school assignments, counseling, personal development, life skills and physical education.”

Once a student is suspended, to get enrolled in Project Oasis, a packet detailing the program will be provided to parents along with the suspension letter. The parent or guardian must then sign the enclosed enrollment form to continue the enrollment process. After submitting the enrollment form, MNDC will contact the parent or guardian directly.

There are three service locations for Project Oasis: MNDC headquarters on 228 Bloomfield Avenue, the 11 Pine Street Community Center or Glenfield Park House on Maple Avenue. Once the student is enrolled in the program, a location will be assigned. Transportation is not currently offered with the program.

The statement claims that “this innovative program is based only in Montclair and specifically designed for [the Montclair] community. It was created through the collective will of the Montclair Board of Education, Superintendent’s Office, MHS and community leaders who wanted to provide our potentially at-risk children with needed support.”

For more information on the Project Oasis Student Support Program please call 973-744-9094. For more information on MNDC please visit

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