Pure Barre Classes Create Change

Pure Barre keeps your mental and physical health in shape by providing a high intensity, low impact full-body workout to motivating music. All ages, lifestyles and levels are welcome!

Pure Barre Montclair sets the bar high.

pure barre
Photo courtesy of Rachel Belsky.

From the second you walk inside Pure Barre Montclair, you’ll feel inspired to create a stronger version of yourself. The studio’s interior design is modern, cool and sleek. The front desk is decorated with cute hair ties and socks. Athleisure Wear brands like Alo and Beyond Yoga line the wall adjacent to a small bar topped with fresh water and healthy snacks. Walk into Pure Barre a little further, and you’ll come across a cubby area where customers drop off their bags and coats and pick up their weights and bands. Glass doors open into the studio space lined with ballet bars.

Pure Barre has generated a strong customer base since its December opening at the corner of Valley Road and Bloomfield Avenue. Three highly qualified teachers instruct all ages in all different class sizes, usually around 23 people. The 55 minute classes sculpt your arms, chest, back and legs with small muscle contractions. Stretches between every exercise keep your limbs limber. Pure Barre teachers set the tone with soft lighting and relaxing music during the stretch. They also help you kick it into high gear as you squeeze out that last ab workout with upbeat music and encouraging words.

Pure Barre accommodates students with classes seven days a week. Class time ranges depending on the day of the week. Pure Barre starts at 5:15 a.m. most days and ends around 7:30 p.m. Exercises differ depending on the teacher and the music playlist, but there are no levels. Students are encouraged to only do as much as they can.

Co-owners Chrissel Battaglia and Wendy Vignali have known eachother for over 20 years. Battaglia broke her foot seven years ago and was on crutches for months. She joined Orangetheory in November of 2015 to rehabilitate her foot and get back into shape, where she learned the value of having a coach. Vignali brought Battaglia into Pure Barre one day, where the friends reconnected over their love of exercise and strength training.

“Wendy said, ‘Let’s open our own Pure Barre!’ and began drawing up plans,” said Battaglia. “I just went along with it. I never thought it would really happen.”

pure barre
Photo courtesy of Rachel Belsky.

Pure Barre Headquarters approved their idea for a store right away. Suddenly, they had to find a space. Vignali did some work and found the space Montclair. Battaglia designed the studio. The co-owners looked for teachers to go through the Pure Barre training, and Vignali herself became a certified teacher. Soon, their far-fetched dream became reality.

“This was like a big joke a year ago, and now it’s reality. It’s amazing. We’re excited to be in a new phase, we did it on our own and the community is responding well,” said Battaglia.

Pure Barre is currently adding more teachers, classes and events to their schedule. They promote a juice cleanse, host mimosa Sunday and even offer classes called “Bring on the Men.” Now, Pure Barre is hosting a March Madness challenge for customer to attend 20 classes in 31 days for a chance at a prize.
Whether you’re a bride-to-be trying to stay healthy, a new mom trying to get back into shape or a busy professional seeking relief at the end of a workday Pure Barre can help you hustle. Walk in for your first complimentary class at 650 Bloomfield Ave., or call 402-882 2773 to see if you’re ready to raise the bar.

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