Rachel Mann: MHS Lacrosse Profile

MHS's lacrosse team is full of extremely talented players, especially Rachel Mann. These hard-working players are sure to make a splash in their future.

rachel mann
Photo courtesy of Scott Kennedy.

Montclair High School is full of talented lacrosse players, including Rachel Mann.

  • #22
  • Sport: Varsity Lacrosse
  • Year: Senior
  • Position: Defense

A sport for all seasons, Rachel Mann is an athlete from summer to spring, field hockey to lacrosse. Her field hockey pre-season begins in the summer, training two weeks before the sport takes off in the fall. When it comes to a close, she trades in her mask, stick, and gloves for equipment of the same name, but an unmistakable difference in design.

One week prior to defending that lacrosse ball in motion, Rachel Mann’s preseason begins. No overlap, but rather a seamless transition into a completely different play. Fear no challenge for the lack of spare of bench-time.

“It’s easier to balance my time when I’m playing sports,” said Rachel Mann, spoken by a committed athlete and also pertaining to the balance of academics.

Rachel Mann has been accepted to Bowdoin College in Maine for the fall of 2014 where she will be picking up her field hockey stick and continuing her number one sport. After visiting the college a couple of times, she noticed the beauty in a place that combined her sport with great academics. After attending a field hockey camp, she committed with the vision of many opportunities in her future.

A place so far from home, Mann will only know one person attending from her home school, but is looking forward to meeting new people both on and off the field. She seems familiar with her take on two sports that give her access to different people.

Rachel Mann is looking forward to the rest of her sports career at Montclair High School, especially after beating the highly ranked Oak Knoll High School. She had thoughts her lacrosse team would be good, but it has come a surprise to be currently undefeated. The way Mann speaks of her team, it does not surprise me that they are clicking in play. Mann explains the social impact of a team that bonds with Beyonce on bus rides and joins in a huddle before games begin.

“It is a great atmosphere of people, a fun release of school,” Mann concludes of her experience on her high school teams.


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