Red Star Paint is Montclair’s Go-To Paint Shop

Brilliant and reliable home decorating supplies can be found at 420 Bloomfield Ave. with Red Star Paint and Decorating Center.

Locals can find the paint colors and window treatments at Red Star Paint.

red star paint
Photo courtesy of Red Star Paint.

Few businesses on Bloomfield Ave. have seen more than Red Star Paint and Decorating Center. This independent paint supply shop has offered top shelf products and expert customer service for over 50 years at the same location. Under the wing of Richard De Geronimo since 1994, Red Star has evolved over time like most of Montclair. Now, with the computer-technology to tint any color you can dream of, Red Star Paint churns out more satisfied customers every day.

Montclair locals come to 420 Bloomfield Ave. for creative paint and window treatment ideas that won’t break the bank. Voted 2015 Best of Essex Specialty Retail Store, Red Star Paint offers an extensive collection of Benjamin Moore and Hunter Douglass supplies that have proven reliable time and time again. Owner and Montclair native, Richard De Geronimo, has selected the products he distributes based on years of personal experience.

“I sell Benjamin Moore products because that’s what I used when I was a painter. I painted homes for over seven years and that’s how I know that Benjamin Moore is the best,” said De Geronimo. “Hunter Douglass makes high-end, quality products.”

The entire team Red Star Paint brings their expertise to every customer in the shop. Whether they are contractors or DIY-curious homeowners, the clients at Red Star can find instructions, advice and do’s and don’ts for almost any project. The Red Star team takes their own at-home measurements to ensure the proper installation of all selected items.

“For us, it’s about the application, what products you should use for certain situations, how to handle projects like scraping, spackling, priming or using specialized paints. We can direct customers towards moisture-resistant paints for bathroom projects, basically putting them on the right track for anything they take on,” said De Geronimo. “We’ll also take the time to help them pick colors. We sell one pint samples that customers love so people can take a sample home and put it on the wall.”

According to De Geronimo, the most significant change that has come to Red Star is the technology now used to create such diverse colors. All paint tinting is done in the store in minutes by a computerized tint machine, rather than making them by hand like in the past. Customers can come in and pick a color from anywhere—in the store or from a competitor. Even if clients had an item from home they wanted to match, the team at Red Star can utilize their custom-color creator and matching technology to precisely calibrate any hue. The best part is that it only takes about 10 minutes to get a gallon of the special color in mind.

Most people learn about Red Star by word of mouth or online. Since Montclair has always been his home, De Geronimo is as active in the community as he can be. “My four brothers and sisters and I all grew up here in Montclair,” said De Geronimo. “I’ve owned my building on Bloomfield Ave. for 20 years now. I love working here. There’s all of the diverse culture and food you can imagine. The development of the area has improved business for just about everyone.”

To give back, Red Star Paint sponsors Montclair Little League Baseball as well as Montclair High School’s Lacrosse team and Project Graduation. As a supplier to several families and contractors in the area, Red Star Paint is very much anchored into the fabric of Montclair.

For those interested in learning more about Red Star Paint and Decorating Center, the store is open throughout the week from 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. In their decorating area is a Benjamin Moore complete palette of colors, a designing table to put colors together and a Hunter Douglass showroom to look at different patterns for window treatment designs. Call (973) 746-2468 or visit for more information.

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