Robby Krieger & The Edgar Winter Band

Prepare for a legendary night of Robby Krieger's rock'n'roll with no other than special guest, The Edgar Winter Band.

Mark your calendars for Robby Krieger on April 27 at the Wellmont Theater!

Robby Krieger & The Edgar Winter Band
Photo courtesy of Live Nation.

Robby Krieger is a musical performer and The Doors guitarist. Krieger originally had an ear for jazz, but after getting to know people doing rock’n’roll with jazz, his interest grew. His biggest inspiration for his new found love of rock’n’roll goes to the electrifying Paul Butterfield Blues Band. He realized creating music was limitless.

The first beats that he actually enjoyed were Peter and the Wolf. The expansion for music involved into rock’n’roll as he listened to it a lot on the radio, featuring Fats Dominos, Elvis and The Platters. There was a lot of classical music played at his house when he was a teenager. His father liked marched music. He studied the trumpet at 10 years old, but nothing came of it. At the age of 17, he began to play the guitar; once he was 18, he purchased his own guitar, but not just any guitar; it was a Mexican flamenco guitar. This allowed him to switch from genre to genre, including folk and rock’n’roll.

Edgar Winter, Texas native, was considered a child prodigy as he was proficient in every aspect of music. Very early on, Winter’s music embodied many different genres, including rock, jazz, blues and pop. His unique style and ability to infuse genres was evident with his 1970 debut release, Entrance. His music has been recognized in many film and television shows, including What’s Love Got to do With it, Wayne’s World 2, The Simpsons and Tupac Resurrection.

Major national television and radio campaigns have actually relied on Winter’s music in a form of advertising as he has been accredited with over 20 albums and many collaborative works. He makes appearances, both to promote his music as well as share his opinion on anything. To this day, his performances receive rave reviews as his music is constantly evolving with his mastery of skill and imagination.

“Who would’ve thought that rock’n’roll and jazz could sound so good?” said Beatrice Areche, intrigued prospect.

Tickets for the Robby Krieger and The Edgar Winter Band can be bought through Live Nation. Keep in mind that doors open at 7 p.m. and show begins at 8 p.m. There is a multilevel parking deck not too far from The Wellmont Theater. Entrance to the parking deck is on the left hand side of South Park or right hand side of South Fullerton Ave. The parking rate is $1 per hour.

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