Ryan Hobler: Interview

Ryan Hobler's interview provides a behind-the-scenes scoop of his music. Attend his free concert at the Montclair Center Summer Series on Saturday, July 26.

Ryan Hobler set to perform at home.

Ryan Hobler, current resident of Montclair, will be performing a free concert right here in town this coming weekend. Ryan Hobler grew up in New York and moved to Montclair over a year ago. Ryan Hobler is bursting onto the music scene with his upcoming first album, The Elusive Yes, by releasing one song each month for the year of 2014. Before seeing his show on Saturday, July 26, be sure to check out The Montclair Dispatchs interview with Ryan Hobler and get a peek behind-the-scenes of his music.

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What genre do you describe your music as?

“I go back and forth and tinker with different styles, but I think the best thing to call [my music] is Pop Folk Noir. At [the] roots it’s very folk-based, but the noir part is related to the philosophical nature of the lyrics. Pop is the production style in the editing stage; I’m the songwriter, band leader and producer. I work as Andy Baldwin’s assistant and I get them to a point where I’ll bring a complete song and he’ll mix it, we’ll add an instrument or I’ll come in with a totally bare tune and we do everything together.”

Who has been your biggest musical influence?

“There’s so many people I admire and have encountered that have taught me. There are definitely some big names like Paul Simon and Elliott Smith, my two favorite songwriters. Lately I’ve been reminiscing about my past and I can’t deny that some of the people who have helped me along the way have been tremendous, like my teachers. I was very fortunate to meet them and they guided me along the way. My guitar teacher in college was a huge influence; he taught me how to be a band leader and [how to work on] what I thought were my strengths.”

What do you hope fans take away from your songs?

“Mainly, I hope that people come, they listen and they’re moved by some of the words, music and the way the music is performed; that’s the biggest pleasure for me. One guy came up to me and was shocked how he reacted; it was very special to me. It’s nice to do that for fans, when I can do that it’s a beautiful thing for me.”

What is your favorite song/song you think moves your fans the most?

“I think ‘All Along’ is one of those songs. I get personal responses from ‘All Along’ and people will come up, say they really enjoyed it and that it makes them think about their family. ‘See What You’re Doing to Me’ is another great one. People gravitate and are moved by those songs.”

What are your biggest hopes for your future music career?

“One big hope would be to get music out to as many people as possible and have a larger fanbase, play bigger venues and expand the musical scope of every new song. I’ve been trying to get my music into TV and film projects and to keep expanding and growing as a musician. I’m usually very humbled by the people I get to play with.”

Do you have a message for the people of Montclair before they see your show?

“All [my future] songs are going to be coming out every month. If you enjoy good lyrics, good melody and good songwriting, I think you will very much enjoy the live show. Also, finding the right venue and the right place is very important. Ever since I moved here I’ve been trying to find different avenues and musical venues to explore. Last summer was the first summer I was here and I noticed that the Montclair Center has Center Stage on Church Street. I spoke with Joann Smalls and we set something up for this summer. I’m not too familiar with the New Jersey music scene but I would love to perform more around!”

Don’t miss Ryan Hobler’s show, which is sure to be a hit. The show will take place on Sat., July 26 from 8-9 p.m. outside of Montclair Center Stage on Church Street in Montclair, N.J. The show is free, open to the public and part of the Montclair Center Summer Series put on throughout the entire summer. So to all you Ryan Hobler fans, mark your calendars and prepare to hear his incredible music.


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