Same That Tune Music Startup

Same That Tune, a music startup created by a Montclair resident, Steve Nathanson, allows users to compare music with similar sounds.

Compare music with Same That Tune.

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Steve Nathanson, a Montclair native and seasoned music industry executive, has created a music startup called Same That Tune.

At, users can compare songs that sound similar and join a forum to discuss them. According to the website statement by Nathanson, “As a musician and composer, I’m often struck by similarities between pop songs.  If you’ve ever listened to a tune on the radio and thought to yourself,’this sounds really familiar’ or ‘what does this melody remind me of’… then you have shared in the experience. Same That Tune recognizes musical similarities between songs as a matter of opinion, and provides an informal referendum on whether or not the resemblance to an earlier work is: coincidental(original and second may share musical influences, instrumentation, etc.), a tribute (second intentionally honors/references original), dubious(second is highly derivative of original) or non-existent original and second do not sound similar).

Nathanson is the creator of this website, and also currently lives in Montclair. He has experience in songwriting, composing and working with instruments from a multitude of genres including including pop, alt rock, country, folk, children’s music and classical. Nathanson was born in New York where he started his musical career as a drummer/percussionist, according to his website biography. He later added work with the piano, guitar, bass and other instruments.

According to his website, “he has created music for various media including Katie Couric’s talk show Katie, the Emmy Award-winning series American Dreams, Mark Cosmetics, the Sundance Channel’s The Skinny and Selects, Eli Lilly’s Living & Learning series, as well as recordings by Janet Speaks French (Seven Records) and None of the Above (Front 9 Records).”

Nathanson has lived in places such as New York, Paris and Los Angeles, but currently calls Montclair home, bringing his creation to an area with a diverse music scene – and just a train ride away from the city. If you enjoy discussing music and pinpointing similarities between songs, be sure to check out Same That Tune and meet some other music enthusiasts.

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