Senior Services Program: Aging In Place

There are various Senior Services now offered for elderly in Montclair, including the new Aging in Place program, designed by Katherine A. York, PhD.

Senior Services in Montclair for elderly community.

The Montclair Health Department and the Partners for Health Foundation partnered up to create an “Aging in Place” program recently, with their goal being to transform “Montclair from a good place to live into a great place in which to grow older.” This new program is designed to address concerns with senior citizen, including public transportation, pedestrian safety, parking, housing and activities for seniors.

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According to the Montclair webpage, “Katherine A. York, PhD, is spearheading the initiative as the project director. Katie is the point person who is engaging a broad range of community stakeholders to identify new services that complement community assets. She was also brought on board promote these new services, as well as existing programs.”

Additionally, York has experience in elderly care for over 10 years, making her the perfect addition to this program. According to the report, she returned to New Jersey after working as the Northern Kentucky SHIP Coordinator, helping Medicare beneficiaries navigate the public benefits maze. York “has a BS in biology (Haverford College), an MBA (University of Massachusetts – Amherst) and a PhD in gerontology with a graduate certificate in developmental disabilities (University of Kentucky).”

Additionally, Lifelong Montclair has also made available a completely Directory of Senior Services in Montclair, listing great features available to the elderly community.

According to the Montclair town website, “Lifelong Montclair is pleased to share the Directory of Senior Services in Montclair, thanks to the collaborative efforts of many individuals and groups. The Directory has been reformatted from earlier versions to make it easier to navigate. Hard copies of the directory will be available at locations throughout town, including the Montclair Health Department, located on the third floor of the Montclair Municipal Building, 205 Claremont Avenue.”

Those interested in reading the directory are able to download it for free on the website: Directory of Senior Services in Montclair. For more information on Lifelong Montclair visit the Aging in Place Initiative page.

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