Serena Edelman Earns Senior Spotlight

Montclair High School senior Serena Edelman takes position as assistant at her childhood dance studio for her four week internship at DanceWorks.

Serena Edelman enjoys spending time with the children at DanceWorks.

serena edelman
Photo courtesy of Gabe Friedin.

For Montclair High School’s Career Internship Program, senior Serena Edelman is working at her childhood dance studio, DanceWorks Studios, as an assistant behind the front desk and as an instructor. DanceWorks Studios teaches classes of a variety of styles for children and adults, ranging from classical ballet and pointe to hip-hop and jazz.

The studio, located on Grove Street in Montclair, is a popular hub for local, talented youth. “I have been dancing here since I was in fifth grade,” said Edelman. At DanceWorks Studios, they define their approach as “creative, educational and supportive,” which is a big part of why Edelman has returned over the years and has decided to assist there for her four week internship.

Years of DanceWorks experience as a dancer has earned Edelman the trust of her coworker. She has actually been working there as an assistant since her freshman year. However in her present internship she has gained more responsibility that includes spending time with kids, an aspect of the job she appreciates. “I mainly work at the front desk and assist with registration for the kids as they come in,” said Serena Edelman. “I also assist some classes for the younger dancers, but even if I am not assisting a class they can come and ask me questions along with their parents. I am always willing to help.” Edelman also helps with the preparation and organization for their show this upcoming June.

While working as an assistant at the studio, Edelman continues to dance there multiple times a week. “I have rehearsal here every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday,” said Edelman. “I come here every day to work as an assistant but stay later to rehearse on those days.”

Throughout her years at Montclair High School, Edelman was a prominent member of the Montclair High School Dance Company. During this time, Edelman also has maintained a number of babysitting jobs while continuing her dancing and assisting at DanceWorks Studios year round.

Next fall, Serena Edelman will be attending Temple University in Philadelphia, where she plans on studying early childhood education. “I definitely value the time I spend with the kids here,” said Edelman. “My plans of study at college revolve around the children; the more time I spend with them the more prepared I am for my future.” Edelman also plans on continuing to dance recreationally while at school.

The Montclair Dispatch is proud to have support the Montclair High School Senior Option Program for the past 3 years. You can learn more about the four 2016 Senior Option students by reading their article here.

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