Shoes: Make Them Last!

Consider your broken heart healed, fashion writer Nicole Spataro and Valley Girl shoe guru narrow in on the best solutions to save your precious pairs. Read the expert advice below to conquer the streets today.

Five ways to save your shoes.

Flat shoes
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Have you ever purchased an amazing pair of heels only to get caught in the rain on your first day showing them off? It’s happened to all of us. Our dream shoes instantly a mess, worn and torn in a matter of minutes. Shoe care is a serious struggle, people. The many pairs that protect and decorate our feet on the daily endure a lot everyday. Lucky for you, shoe-addict, there are a few things you can do to protect and save your prized possessions. I spoke to shoe expert Jenna at Valley Girl Shoes to get her take on shoe care. Together we came up with a few tips to protect, because we’re sick of mourning our shoe losses.

Shoe Protectant Spray

Shoe protectant spray is particularly important for boot care. Jenna says, “After a period of time, Hunter rain boots can develop a white powdery film on their surface, which is referred to as ‘blooming.’ This is a natural occurrence that happens with rubber and does not affect the functionality of the boots. To restore the look and shine of your Hunter boots, we recommend the Hunter Boot Buffer, which we sell here at Valley Girl.” A similar protocol is true for UGG Australia boots. It is important to spray the boots with a weather protectant before the first wear to prevent damage from water, dirt, and more harsh conditions.

Check the Forecast

Is it going to rain? Make sure to wear rain boots whenever outside on a wet day and pack an extra pair of heels or flats for indoors (wrap them in a plastic bag and tuck them into your tote or purse). No one wants to be uncomfortable all day at work in wet boots. On the lousy occasion that you’re hit with a surprise shower while wearing your best heels, stuff a small amount of paper towels into the shoes to dry. Make sure not to over stuff as this could stretch out the shoe.

Practice Walking

Sounds silly, right? When you’re constantly tripping in those new heels, you’re really scuffing them up against the ground. All that scraping does some major damage. Practice walking on a surface that isn’t abrasive before you hit the streets.


Unfortunately, try as you might, sometimes there is just no way around the damage. Dirt and grass stains have a magical way of landing on your shoes. Thankfully, there is a way to remove the blemishes before the stains set in. Stash a Tide-to-Go pen in your purse for a quick and easy fix. Be sure to pat the spot with a touch of water afterwards, as the Tide-to-Go can sometimes bleach materials.

Rubber Soles

Adding a rubber sole to your shoe will prevent it from making any contact with the ground entirely. When the sole dirties, simply replace it for a shoe that is as good as new.

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