ShopRite Free Shuttle Service

Due to the closing of the Pathmark in Lackawanna Plaza, the township of Montclair will be offering a free shuttle service to the Brookdale ShopRite.

Montclair offers transportation to Brookdale Shoprite to ameliorate grocery shopping.

shoprite shuttle
Photo courtesy of Kellymarie Braun

The Township of Montclair has announced that they will be offering shuttle bus service to transport residents from Pathmark to the Brookdale Shoprite in Bloomfield.

With the upcoming closing of the Pathmark supermarket at the Lackawanna Plaza, a small shopping mall in Montclair, the township has been working with the Essex County Special Transportation System and Senior Care and Activities Center to arrange shuttle busses to transport residents to and from the Lackawanna Plaza Pathmark and the Brookdale ShopRite in Bloomfield.

Senior Care and Activities Center is currently developing a shuttle bus  schedule for seniors and non-seniors for roundtrip service from the Lackawanna Plaza Pathmark to the Brookdale ShopRite in Bloomfield. The Senior Care and Activities Center asked that interested residents to register for the services by contacting the Montclair Health Department. They can be reached during the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m on weekdays at 973-509-4970.

If you are an interested resident, when calling the Montclair Health Department, you will be asked your name, address and phone number, and if you are a senior citizen or a person with a disability. You will also be asked to select from a list of 11 options on the travel schedule which best convenience you. Once the Senior Care and Activities Center finishes the plans and schedules have been set, you will be notified when shuttle service to Brookdale ShopRite will begin.

“I think that this new transportation system is going to be extremely helpful to not only elderly and disabled people, but their families. It’s a shame that the PathMark is closing, mainly because it was very accessible for the people of Montclair. But the fact that the township of Montclair is creating this shuttle service shows that they care for the community,” said Mary Vaughn, a local resident of the Montclair community.

The Essex County Special Transportation System has been serving the area since 1985. The purpose of the ECSTS is to make transportation available to those who are senior adults ages 60 and over and all persons 18 years and older with physical and mental disabilities. he Senior Care and Activities Center is an adult day care center located in Montclair that have been caring for senior adults since 1978. There, eligible seniors are offered transportation, breakfast and lunch, nursing services, social worker services, arts, crafts and games, trips and much more.

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