Shoulder Training Workshop

Get a good shoulder workout with a workshop by Advanced Fitness Concepts.

It’s important to enhance your shoulders!

Photo courtesy of Aleksandra Mufceska.

Getting a good shoulder workout is important, but it is way more important to make sure it’s done in the proper form. It’s empowering to look good, especially when working out feels right too in order to get the safest and most optimal results. The shoulder joint is often injured in sports, even daily activities, and unfortunately by accident. It’s important to learn how to determine individual shoulder health and function through simple movements the right way.

On May 14, 360 – a free workshop Degrees – Total Shoulder Training from Pre-hab to Rehab – is being hosted by Advanced Fitness Concepts and Gordon Waddell. The intention is to assist in educating people that are interested in working out their shoulders, while learning about doing it safely.

“Machine work alone can limit your mobility in the shoulder, because they usually consist of a linear movement,” said DJ Hamker, a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach. “If you’re not strengthening the rotator cuff properly it can cause imbalances and lead to injury, so it’s definitely crucial to learn more about it and how to do it the right way to prevent injuries.”

Participants will have the chance to learn from Montclair’s premiere exercise specialist for an in-depth, and hands on practical workshop on preventing and rehabilitating shoulder injuries.

“There has to be a mind muscle connection whenever you are working out any body part,” said Katerina Korunovski a student of the Bachelors of Science in Nursing program at Ramapo College. “The shoulders, in particular, maintain our erect posture, facilitate our use of proper body mechanics when lifting and encourage use of big muscle groups. Connecting your mind to your shoulder muscles including the trapezius, deltoid and rear deltoid can help reconnect your body as a whole.”

Trained and certified professionals want to offer a beneficial and educational experience to the public, in order to develop a more compassionate way to build shoulder strength without unnecessary injuries. The workshop is offering a free chance to discover the importance of shoulder health and how to practice it safely. Gordon Waddell, who sponsoring the event, is a highly qualified professional, PES,CSCS and CES certified.

The workshop is open for all to join in for a fun hands-on and educational workshop. Pre-registration is required by Thursday, May 12. For more information please visit, email or call 973-865-6691.

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