Slab Supply Company Brings the Outdoors Inside

The eye-catching Slab Supply Company embarks on a contemporary approach to re-purposing trees while retaining its unique aesthetic.

Slab Supply Company recycles trees into focal pieces that complement any room in the house.

slab supply company
Photo by Margaret Belkhyat for The Montclair Dispatch.

Slab Supply Company is blurring the lines between art and furniture. Founder Andrew Menneto combines his experience in tree removal and methods of carpentry to create truly original pieces. With ambitions to preserve the beauty of nature, Menneto creates authentic furniture pieces within every design. Slab Supply gives new purpose to trees that have been chopped down or removed for any reason and transforms them into one of a kind, hand crafted memorable pieces. Ideal for homes or offices, these unique wood pieces are instant conversation starters. Montclair recently welcomed Slab Supply’s first and only show room this past November. However, these original pieces have reached well beyond New Jersey.

Slab Supply’s showroom allows customers to walk in and observe the individuality of each piece. The showroom displays custom pieces ranging from countertops, tabletops to benches and chairs. Each wood slab is repurposed to add an element of warmth and functionality.

Similar to fingerprints, each wood slab has a distinct pattern, meaning that no two pieces are identical. These slabs are smooth to the touch and any chippings or discoloration add to its unique style.  

“I don’t like to call it furniture,” said Menneto. “To me, they’re pieces of art.”

After roaming the showroom, it’s easy to understand the artistry behind Slab Supply’s inventory. Menneto designs his furniture pieces specific to the wood’s unique characteristics. With this raw approach to furniture, each Slab Supply creation is guaranteed to add a rare sentiment to any space.  

When explaining the vigorous process that goes into each piece Menneto said, “We finish what Mother Nature started.” Slab Supply takes pride in its handcrafted furniture design through recycling trees. From the beginning process of recusing the tree to the required two-year drying procedure, Slab Supply offers durable wood pieces meant to be appreciated for years to come. Motivated to share the beauty of nature and preserve its entity, Slab Supply takes this environmentally friendly approach and changes the way art and furniture is viewed.

Slab Supply established itself in Montclair and in hopes to flourish and build its own story with the community. This growing establishment seeks the engagement of the community by working with local businesses and accommodating an array of events. Don’t get stumped by interior design; just use Slab Supply on 544 Bloomfield Ave. in Montclair, open seven days a week from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. For more information visit

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