‘Sleeping with Other People’ Review

'Sleeping with Other People' is produced by Will Ferrell and is surely to be a great watch for those looking for a unique movie to experience.

Sleeping with Other People keeps the audience engaged.

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Let’s face it: in today’s world, much isn’t left to the “private eye.” Nothing is insinuated or implied, but rather shown in its most uncensored form. In other words, 2015 is a time where films can use sex as an underlying theme, equally discussing it as well as showing it. Nevertheless, many films forget to mold such explicit topics with a sense of heart and purpose. And I’m somewhat happy to say that Sleeping With Other People is one of those rare exceptions to the forgetfulness of Hollywood.

Produced by acclaimed comedian Will Ferrell and directed by independent new-comer Leslye Headland, Sleeping With Other People brings the audience into the lives of Jake and Lainey, two sex-addicts who reconvene at an S.A.A meeting (Sex Addicts Anonymous). The catch? They both were each other’s “firsts”. Hence, this time around, they decide to replace the idea of sleeping together with becoming best friends, something that rarely happens in each of their lonely lifestyles.

Sleeping With Other People definitely holds attention, and not just because of its lack of censors. Rather, it keeps the audience guessing until (without exaggeration) the final seconds of its 92-minute running time. Just ask 19-year-old Montclair native, Jenna Stuiso: “I think what I liked most about Sleeping With Other People was the fact that you were really unsure throughout the movie if it would end in that stereotypical ‘romantic comedy’ way where the couple ends up together.”  

 Thus, it’s evidently clear that this rom-com follows the footing of other classic rule-bending films about friends of the opposite sex, yet finds its own path in the process. If anything, think of it as a somewhat modern-day When Harry Met Sally.

 Another great factor about this indie flick is how it gathers a large ensemble of comedy greats, ironically from the likes of television. For instance, protagonists Jake and Lainey are brought to life by SNL-alum Jason Sudekis and Community actress Alison Brie. Additionally, Parks and Recreation’s Adam Scott plays the villainous Dr. Matthew Sovochek, and Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne stars as Lainey’s lesbian best friend, Kara. Sensing a pattern yet? However, despite similar backgrounds, each of these actors embody their characters so immensely and realistically to the point where you forget where they came from and rather look to where they’re headed.

Overall, Sleeping With Other People is a fun and intriguing way to spend both $10 and 90 minutes of your time. You’ll laugh, you’ll cringe, and you might even fall in love yourself. Furthermore, you’ll be questioning if you’ve seen something like this before. Chances are you have, but you have to commit in order to find out.

Sleeping With Other People is playing nearby at Montclair’s very own Clairidge Cinemas! For a list of show times and/or other local theaters playing this film, visit fandango.com!

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