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Attention women of Montclair: strike your best selfie at Sorrelli Jewelry for a chance to win a piece from their brand new collection!

Sorrelli Jewelry brings high-end jewelry choices.

Photo courtesy of Sorrelli.

Based out of Kutztown, Pa.,, Sorrelli Jewelry has been in business since 1983. There are two locations in Pennsylvania and only one in New Jersey, located here in Montclair! Located at 20 Church St., Sorrelli Jewelry first came to Montclair back in November of 2013. They offer all hand-crafted, genuine semi-precious stones and high-quality Austrian crystals, as well as Swarovski crystals. They sell everything from necklaces to earrings, bracelets, rings, gift sets and countless accessories. Their fashion collections vary from names like Electric Blue, Wild Fern and Sand Dune. They also carry a Lisa Oswald Collection, as well as a separate bride and bridal party collection.

Assistant manager of Montclair’s Sorrelli Jewelry, Sarah Kezengwa, let me in on what makes their location so special, as well as some exciting things in store for them.

“In our first year, this store was awarded third place in Best of Essex as Best Jewelry Store,” said Kezengwa.  Montclair’s Sorrelli Jewelry makes sure to cater their jewelry to all the different types of people that come in, as well as their individual tastes. “There is always going to be the people who like bolder pieces and statement necklaces, so we make sure to include those louder, eye-catching pieces. With that being said, there is also a lot of customers who come in looking for the opposite, so we make sure to have delicate and simple pieces, too. There is pretty much a piece for anyone that walks in the door.”

While Sorrelli has pieces for all different ages, a popular seller for them right now is their junior and senior prom pieces. “With prom being right around the corner, we have been selling a lot to the high schools in the area which is great. We even give them a special discount,” said Kezengwa.  What also seems to be extremely popular for them right now are their neutral collections. “You can get more use out of them, and they’re the collections that you can wear day to day.”

Sorrelli Jewelry also sells to chain and national departments. You can find their pieces in places like Anthropologie, Bloomingdales and Amazon.

A popular event they have coming up will be their “Ladies Night Out” on April 15 that the Montclair Bid will be hosting. “Our theme will be a ‘Sorrelli Selfie.’ For this event in particular, we will be having a contest where people can post a selfie wearing our jewelry on social media, and they will use the hashtag #SorrelliSelfie. The winner will get a piece from our fourth and last spring collection that we are launching for the year, called African-Violet. At our store, we have a certain way we take pictures of our necklaces, so we will be choosing our favorite one,” said Kezengwa.

The event will run from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Montclair’s Sorrelli Jewelry has done many exciting events like this in the past, and has even teamed up with other local stores and boutiques like Blue Mercury and Oasis. “We really do stand by our jewelry and have a lifetime guarantee,” said Kezengwa.

To find out more information on Montclair’s Sorrelli Jewelry, you can like them on Facebook and follow them on instagram at @Sorrellisparkle. You can also visit their main site at

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