Sorrelli has Statement Necklaces

Sorrelli and Urban Outfitters in Montclair offer great statement necklaces to turn any fall outfit up a notch. You will not regret visiting these stores!

Visit Sorrelli for statement necklaces.

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It’s all about the details for fall. When transforming a plain and simple outfit into a put-together chic look, sometimes all you need is a great piece of jewelry. From bracelets to earrings and to rings, the most important accessory of all is a perfect statement necklace.

Recently passing by Sorrelli on Church Street in Montclair, I got super inspired by the sparkling rhinestone necklaces on display. Statement necklaces have always been a trend whether it is spring, summer, fall or winter.  I especially love statement necklaces in the fall because you get to pair them with a perfect cozy knit sweater and you have a well-put together outfit without the effort.

Cozy sweaters paired with your favorite jeans are the perfect go-to outfit for fall, but sometimes when you want to dress an outfit up you need that extra pop to bring it all together. Statement necklaces take an outfit from plain to chic. Just by adding a girly statement piece to your outfit it can totally change a whole look.

Statement necklaces can be found anywhere. Sorrelli has really awesome sparkly rhinestone necklaces perfect with any sweater you want to pair it with. They are also having 15 percent off their entire store until Oct. 27. If you are looking for that perfect bold rhinestone necklace, this is the place to go!

Another type of statement necklace, if you are not into the glitzy type, are coin necklaces. Coin necklaces are a staple piece and are the perfect addition to almost every outfit. Coin necklaces are definitely super on trend right now and go along perfect with any boho-chic outfit. Urban Outfitters in Montclair has awesome necklaces in general, but have really great coin necklaces. They have so many different styles you cannot help but want them all.

To transform a boring outfit into a stylish outfit sometimes all you need is the perfect statement necklace. Just by adding a necklace to your outfit can make you look like you spent way more time on your outfit than you really did. This is also the perfect solution for anyone who woke up late and has limited time to put together an outfit in the morning. You can find statement necklaces almost anywhere, but especially check out Sorrelli and Urban Outfitters right here in Montclair!

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