South Moon Under’s Holiday Dresses

South Moon Under offers great fashion finds just in time for the start of the holiday season. Stop by and snag a few dresses before it's too late!

South Moon Under offers holiday fashion.

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Halloween is officially over, fall has begun and the holiday season is ahead. With Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve coming up within the next three months, it’s inevitable to say this is the best time of year.

Stuffing your face on Thanksgiving with the family to partying into the New Year with friends, there is going to be a ton of occasions this holiday season where you will find yourself dressing up. In South Moon Under on South Park Street in Montclair, the first things that caught my eye were these beautiful beaded Free People dresses. I love Free People clothing and their great quality, so the fact South Moon Under carries one of my favorite brands is already a bonus. When I first saw the dresses I immediately thought of New Years Eve. It was the perfect night out dress with the right amount of embellishment to sparkle into the New Year. Obviously New Years Eve is in a couple months, but I never hesitate to scope out a few potential candidates.

Thanksgiving is more of a casual holiday to spend with your family while eating tons and tons of food. Along with the never-ending amounts of food comes the unavoidable bloating. This is definitely not the holiday to pull out your favorite pair of skinny jeans, so put those babies aside, and opt for something more breathable and comfortable. I saw some amazing sweater dresses at South Moon Under, which I thought were perfect for Thanksgiving. They were the perfect combination of sweater weather comfort meets “I will be able to eat as much as I want in this dress without anyone noticing.”

From the hot chocolate to the snow and of course the presents it’s hard not to love Christmas season. Whether staying in or going out, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day give you two opportunities to dress up. It is probably the single most acceptable two days to rock a red lip. It would not do Christmas justice if you did not. One skirt in particular I spotted while at South Moon Under was a pencil skirt and it was probably one of the most beautiful skirts I’ve ever seen. It was a vegan, suede leather pencil skirt in a python print. I immediately thought of Christmas when I saw it. It was not a bright red like you would assume, but it was a beautiful burgundy, which is just as perfect. There were also so many other dresses and skirts in reds, blacks and whites that were perfect for Christmas.

So many pieces in South Moon Under shouted different holidays in my head; I just wanted to scoop them all up and save them for the right time. Holiday season is here and finding the perfect outfit to rock on your favorite holiday does not have to be hard. Dresses are super easy, they are a one-stop shop and with a pair of booties or heels you are set. Everyone loves the holiday season and South Moon Under can definitely help you find your perfect holiday dress you are looking for.

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