Spring Clean Up By UMBA Was A Success

Uptown Beautification event organized by UMBA on Apr. 8 2017 brought together neighbors and friends in the name of community spring cleanup.

UMBA keeps Montclair fresh and clean through their Spring Clean-Up!

Aki and Mutsumi Kaneda, Owners of Dai Kichi and Upstairs support UMBA’s Spring Clean-Up. Photo courtesy of Diane Esty.

Spring is around the corner, and with that comes the inevitable spring cleaning. Rather than sitting around the house and recycling old papers, the Montclair community went outside to have fun with friends at UMBA’s Spring Clean Up! On April 8, UMBA hosted a Spring Clean Up for the Montclair community.

Volunteers met in front of St. James Church at 10 a.m. on Saturday. The group was prepared to weed, mulch and shovel their way through the beautiful and sunny day.

The Beautification event attracted families, students and community members. Rob Bianco, a Montclair resident, was instrumental in gathering gloves and garbage bags for the event.

Uptown Beautification was established five years ago by First Ward Councilman Bill Hurlock.

“It was a ‘ward-wide’ effort consisting of approximately 10 sites in which to volunteer,” said Diane Etsy, coordinator for the year’s event.

The event was cancelled last year due to poor weather, but the sun stayed out all day long on this past Saturday.

“The day was fantastic! New faces and great effort for a beautiful business district. Thanks for everyone’s time and talent,” said Etsy.

spring clean-up umba
Diane Esty with Ryan Hurlock, MHS Sophmore. Photo courtesy of Diane Esty.

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