Spring Fling 2014 Fundraiser

Come support the Montclair Cobra Junior football players and cheerleaders at their annual Spring Fling Fundraiser for new uniform.

The Montclair Cobras host their annual Spring Fling.

On Friday May 30 the Montclair Cobra Junior football players and cheerleaders will be holding their annual Spring Fling 2014. It will be  a season kickoff party for the players and cheerleaders. Even though it is the first annual event, it is sure to be a hit if Montclairians brings the same support they have been known to bring in the past.

American Football Ball on Grass
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The Spring Fling of 2014 is not just an exciting party, but also a fundraiser for new uniforms. What’s a team without a uniform and one to hopefully generate a stir in the sidelines? The Junior football players deserve to look their best when they beat rivals, and the Spring Fling 2014 will help generate the funds to provide those head turning uniforms.

The Spring Fling starts at 8 pm this Friday at the The Loft. It is located at 8 Lackawanna Plaza in Montclair. One ticket is twenty-five dollars. If you decide to make it a date night, you can get two tickets for the price of forty.

There will be a lot of fun and dancing. Party-goers will surely have a great time as they dance into the wee hours of the morning. The Spring Fling 2014 will definitely be a memorable event, and so will the brand new uniforms bought with the money fundraised by the night.

Calling out to all of the MVPs, Montclair’s Very-Important Players, come out Friday night and dance it up for a good cause. You’ll have fun as you groove while you fund! So come out and show your blue and white pride! The Montclair Junior Cobras deserve new uniforms and a field of dreams is not possible without full gear.

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