Stress: Cut It To A Minimum

Follow this advice to take away or at least tolerate the stress that comes with the fall season and a new school year or job.

Get the stress out of your life!

Stress concept
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Montclair residents are starting to wonder whether summer vacation is actually coming to a close, with the start of the school year but the high heat still living on. Although we will miss our beach days with oceanic blue skies, Montclair residents can look forward to comfortable sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes just around the corner. As summer comes to a close, we are now faced with school, work and more work. This article will be dedicated to overcome the stresses of fall. Sometimes, the best way to get back into the groove of things is to ease yourself into it.

Fall may be the season of warmed drinks and comfy clothes, but it is also the season of new stress with new school years and other big life changes. One way to deal with that stress is through music. As the Beetles would say, “Here comes the sun and I say, it’s alright.” When work or school have you in a rut, one of the best ways to find your peace is through music. Music helps improve cognitive learning as well as ease the mind after a long day’s work. Music also helps with the release of any negative emotions or any negative stress one might have. Music tends to stimulate the mind in a relaxing and soothing way. Without music, this world would be a 1950s black and white series.

The next best thing to beat the work/school blues is a good trip to any natural grounds for a day. As Ralph Waldo Emerson would say “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” The use of technology has clouded our minds with mindless nonsense, that there are instances where nature is the best thing for a person. It frees you from the chains of work, school, technology and your daily life stresses, and takes you to a Narnia of some sorts. With fall quickly approaching, it is with great pleasure to welcome different shades of yellow, orange and red into our town. There are countless parks throughout Montclair, a full list of which can be found on the Montclair township’s website.

Out of the many ways you can “escape reality” one good way to do it (which is only a fall activity) is to make a pile of leaves and jump in them. That is one of the most inexpensive, fun filled ways to enjoy a little bit of a break in between the hectic schedule called life!

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