Sublime with Rome was Amazing

As RDGLDGRN opened for Sublime with Rome, the entire performance kicked off a show at the Wellmont Theater that left the crowd wanting more.

Sublime with Rome does not disappoint fans.

Party crowd
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A very excited and passionate crowd resonated throughout Wellmont Theater in Montclair as Sublime with Rome played an amazing set. Holding a high-energy crowd with their famous relaxed atmosphere throughout the show was seemingly effortless for the popular 90’s band.

Opening for Sublime with Rome was RDGLDGRN (pronounced Red, Gold, Green) and they introduced the crowd to an exciting set with a very similar vibe to the headlining band. For more information about their music, tours and more, check out their website or their Twitter, @RDGLDGRN.

As the opening band left the stage and lights came up, one could see the overwhelming sea of Sublime shirts. Fans in the crowd ranged in age from college students to middle aged adults. The excitement was building as the lights went out, and within the first few chords of Sublime with Rome’s hit song, “Date Rape,” the floor was entirely filled.

As the bass thumped through the stage all the way up to the balcony, you couldn’t see a single person without a smile. You could easily tell these fans had been waiting to hear this band, and they were not disappointed. Every song started with a loud roar of familiarity and ended with huge applause, with a lot of dancing in between. There was crowd surfing, a few failed attempts at moshing and a whole lot of enthusiasm and singing along.

Big reactions came from the crowd for nearly every song, especially “Doin’ Time” and “Wrong Way.” Throughout the set, they also played some of their new songs from their 2011 debut album, Yours Truly. It wasn’t until the last song that they played their hit, “Santeria,” the song that brought the band into the mainstream.

As the lights turned off hinting to a finished show, the crowd did not stop cheering. Cheers turned to chants, and a few bass lines caused an eruption of applause as they returned to the stage for their encore. Sublime with Rome’s encore included three songs, including another mainstream hit, “What I Got.”  Throughout the night, audience members came together for what turned out to be an amazing performance and show. There was a great reaction towards Rome Ramirez, the new lead singer that was introduced after previous lead singer and front man Brad Nowell died of a heroine overdose.

The performances were great, the staff at the Wellmont Theater was friendly and helpful and everyone seemed to have had an amazing night. For more information about the band, tour dates and more, visit their website There you can find their Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube channel, Tumblr and any information you need.

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