SwapXXchange: High-End Thrift Shopping

When you clean out your closet this spring, head over to swapXXchange for a higher-quality way to thrift shop.

SwapXXchange gives new meaning to thrift shopping.

Spring cleaning comes around once a year, at least according to my mother. For myself, it is a time to check in on warmer weather wears and push my colder cover-ups to the back. When you’re a college student and cannot afford a closet revival, you must rely on mixing and matching your older styles. When I heard about swapXXchange of Montclair, I found the shop to be a treasure trove for my next thrifty ensemble.

Very old, cheap, torn clothing on white
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The title swapXXchange uses words that a frugal mind can relate to: swap, change and the clever word form for “exchange.” The thrift shop notes itself as premium, but how can thrift relate to quality items? Compile a list of top designers and coveted brands, take a walk around the store and you will find your list to be checked off more than once, twice or three times. Located at 425 Bloomfield Avenue, the superstore signifies a spot for a quality swap.

The “swap” part of the shop is that you bring an item you’re ready to ditch and they decide if it is worth a switch. SwapXXchange accepts men’s and women’s adult sized clothing of contemporary designers, shoes and accessories. The items should be clean and ready for their next customer, without rips, frays, pulls or stains. Small brand names are unacceptable, as this shop is a boutique for high-end fashion that would like a second life.

One man’s trash may be another man’s treasure. For this shop, the trash to treasure expectancy depends on a keen eye. SwapXXchange accepts less than five percent of items offered for a swap daily. They ensure it is nothing personal, but rather to keep their reputation at best.

Don’t be shy if you have nothing worth a swap, because you can still shop. Once is not enough; there are seven days in a week, and with inventory changing daily, your outfit could be there the following day. Get recognized for your notable know in the fashion world wearing your designer clothing, shoes and accessories, including Dior, Chanel, Roberto Cavalli, 7 for All Mankind and True Religion. At swapXXchange, the list is never ending.

SwapXXchange embraces three C’s for success: current, clean and (A+) condition. A finicky shop that keeps their clientele at high fashion decent, their prices at reason, and their items at top notch quality. Your treasure has been awaiting you, because swapXXchange marks the spot (no hunt required).

For more information visit swapxxchange.com. The store’s winter hours are Tuesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. and closed on Mondays.

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