SwapXXchange to Close

SwapXXchange, a thrift boutique, will close at the end of August after being an active consignment shop for Montclair for over two years.

SwapXXchange to close after two years of service.

Closed Sign on a Door
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After being open for a little over two years, SwapXXchange on 425 Bloomfield Avenue will be closing on Aug. 22, 2014. SwapXXchange is a thrift boutique that sells upscale clothing and shoes at a fraction of the cost than any other retail store. SwapXXchange is very particular when selecting their clothes because they only want to offer trendy items for their shoppers; you’ll never find mass-market pieces there, such as Forever XXI or Target.

The great thing about SwapXXchange, besides the prices, is the fact that even though they have big name brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Betsey Johnson, is that they are one of a kind. Although they were in stores, chances are they are not being sold anywhere else. This is because they are usually things that were bought, possibly lightly worn or used and then brought to the store. This store is nothing like Good Will because everything is carefully gone through to make sure it is in perfect condition before being placed on the rack. Many people have found great deals at SwapXXchange at unbelievably low prices.

Unfortunately, at the end of next week, the store will be closing down. Right now everything is 50 percent off, which makes the prices even better for top brand names. It is a great store to go to if you are looking to expand your wardrobe before the new school year. SwapXXchange is for both men and women of all ages. Bethe Danon, the owner of the boutique, said the closing was due to SwapXXchange being the “right business in the wrong location.” Due to Bloomfield Avenue’s lack of parking, it is not the right place to sustain her business and she was not getting enough customers.

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