Swimwear from poolside to Sidewalk

Swim season is here but our busy, stylish schedules have us rushing from the pool to lunch dates and more. Learn how to master your swimwear look below.

One piece swimsuit
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Swimwear from poolside to sidewalk.

If you think days spent by the pool are reserved for bathing suits, think again! Summer 2015 swimwear is all about accessories. While true that neoprene fabrics, one pieces, and cutout swimwear have taken center stage these past few months, we know that no look is complete without the extra details. Women’s Swimwear Buyer for South Moon Under Samantha Baier explains, “Beach and pool days begin with the suit and are completed with accessories that bring you from beach to street, or pool to bar. The trendy things needed to look the best on the next sunny day are a printed beach tunic, straw hat (oversized floppy or thin brimmed fedoras), summery beach tote, Fouta beach blanket, and a Swell bottle in hand.” Here are the most popular trends for swim:

Trending in Cover-Ups:

The name of the game when it comes to cover-ups right now is comfort. Anything that is easy to throw over a swimsuit or has a relaxed fit is a winner. One of the most popular choices to layer is a pair of lightweight beach pants. They’re usually made of a silk textured fabric that provides a loose fit and won’t make you sweat. These pants come in all different patterns and designs, making them the perfect article to go with any swim top. Another great trend in cover-ups right now is the tank-dress or tunic. These pieces are quick and easy to throw on, and also look appropriate when out and about in casual places. Plus, anything crochet is simply adorable. To really be ahead of the game, sport a crochet tunic with printed beach pants.

Trending in Accessories:

As much fun as we have picking out our clothes, sometimes I think we have even more fun choosing accessories. A few picks that are topping the charts include the oversized floppy hat– they’re huge right now, literally. In the case of the floppy hat, bigger is better. Additionally, straw fedoras are another option for those who like smaller hats. As far as shoes, the options range from slip on T-strap sandals to strap-y gladiators. For those who like to keep it simple, never fear, the classic flip-flop obviously is always a safe bet. Beyond the clothes, boring beach blankets are officially a thing of the past. Colorful and patterned beach throws are covering hot sands around the world.

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